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Welcome Little Brother! | Natural Newborn Photography Melbourne

Welcome Little Brother! | Natural Newborn Photography Melbourne

Welcome Baby Robert!

No Newborn Posing Here!! | Newborn Lifestyle Photographer Bayside, Melbourne

No Newborn Posing Here!!  | Newborn Lifestyle Photographer Bayside, Melbourne

No Posing Here!!

In Home Newborn Photo Shoot! | Family and Newborn Lifestyle Photography Melbourne

In Home Newborn Photo Shoot! | Family and Newborn Lifestyle Photography Melbourne

Welcome Newborn Baby Boy!

I'm 2!!! | Natural Toddler Photography Melbourne

Isn't she the cutest????   Her Mum's best friend purchased a Watch Them Grow Photography Gift Voucher for this little toddler's 2nd birthday.  Here's a little preview:

Toddler watering the garden with her Dad!
Natural Family Photography Melbourne
Toddler play!
Toddler lifestyle photography Melbourne
Toddler playing in her tee pee!
Melbourne Natural Children's Photography
Toddler playing with her stickers
Toddler lifestyle photography Melbourne
Lifestyle Family Photographer Melbourne
Toddler and Children's photography melbourne
Toddler playing in Mum & Dad's bed
Toddler pretending to go to sleep in her cot
Toddler jumping in her cot!
Big headphones on little toddler!
Little Toddler sitting in a big chair
Toddler reading time!
Melbourne Natural Family Photography
Toddler running up the hallway!

Purity of a Newborn! | Natural Newborn Photography Bayside, Melbourne

My aim is to capture how perfect babies are on their own.  Simple, pure and natural newborn photography. 

Newborn photography Melbourne
Natural, unposed newborn photography Melbourne
Melbourne Newborn Photography
Newborn Baby Girl
Newborn Baby photography Bayside
Natural baby photography Melbourne
Newborn baby girl's tiny hands
Tiny newborn baby girl with big teddybear
Newborn baby photography Bayside
Newborn baby girl smile
Melbourne natural newborn photographer

And Family Makes Three! | Natural Newborn Photography Melbourne

A newborn is all things hopeful, dreams fulfilled and a wonder of possibilities!

Natural Newborn Photography Melbourne
Newborn Photography Melbourne
Natural Family Photography Melbourne
Newborn details!
Natural Baby Photography Melbourne
Mother holding her newborn baby!
Smiling newborn baby!
Family dog watching over newborn baby!
Bayside Newborn Baby Photographer
Lifestyle Newborn Photography Melbourne
Melbourne Family Photography
Mother's love for her newborn baby girl!
Precious newborn baby girl!
Father's love for his newborn baby girl!
A family of three!

Welcome Hugo! | Natural Newborn Photography Melbourne

Oh baby Hugo, you are such a sweet baby!  I love it when a session just comes together so naturally and I see the love of new parents for their newborn son! 

I find that parents are loving the more natural type photos that show their newborn exactly as they were when they first arrive home.  Newborns don't have a routine yet so I pretty much follow the baby's mood and their schedule.  Don't worry if your baby is unsettled as there is no time limit, take all the time you need to settle your baby.

I very much enjoyed meeting his parents and hanging out with the three of them at their home.   Thanks so much for all your help Richard!   I hope you enjoy your preview.

Lifestyle Newborn Photographer Melbourne
Melbourne Newborn Photography
Family Lifestyle Photography Melbourne
Mother's Love for her newborn baby!
Natural Newborn Photography Melbourne
Natural Baby Photography Melbourne
Little newborn hand!
Newborn Lifestyle Photography Melbourne
Newborn baby details!
Melbourne Natural Family Photogapher
Newborn Lifestyle Photographer Melbourne
Daddy loves his newborn son!
Natural baby photos in Melbourne
New mum kissing her newborn baby boy!
Melbourne Family Lifestyle Photography
Natural Newborn Photographer Melbourne
Melbourne Newborn Photography
Natural Newborn photos!
Melbourne newborn photographer!

Happy 1st Birthday | Baby Photography Melbourne

I know I shouldn't be biased but my nephew's little baby boy is the cutest little button!  Have a wonderful first birthday Harley!  

Baby 1st Birthday

100 Day Celebration | Baby Lifestyle Photography Melbourne

I had the honour of photographing a little baby girl's "100 Day Celebration" called "Okuizome".  This is to celebrate a baby's "first food" or "first eating" in Japan and to celebrate the new phase in a baby's life.  It has beautiful sentiment behind the event and is a big feast for family and friends to celebrate.  It has been celebrated for hundred's of years in Japan, during times when babies didn't always make it to 100 days old. 

You're probably thinking that it's quite early to be introducing solids to a baby this young but relatives just pretend to feed the baby.  The food prepared varies between different regions of Japan but the food that is presented to the baby usually includes a fish (with the head and tail still attached), rice, soup, and boiled vegetables.  Each of these foods mean a different virtue such as the word for beans (mame) is similar to the word for loyalty/diligence and the word for red sea bream (a type of fish) is similar to a word for happiness (tai and mede-tai).  A small pebble is given to the baby to bite, symbolizing strong teeth.  I love the idea that eating a food could possibly portray a positive trait that your baby could have for the rest of their life!

Hmmmm, what positive trait could possibly go with chocolate - happiness, wisdom, serenity???

It's Been a Wonderful Year | Melbourne Family Photography

To all the precious newborns, babies, children, and families that I've photographed during 2014, thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting me and helping me do what I love so much.   Cheers to 2015! 

Little, weenie, purple bow tie! | Melbourne Baby Photography

Dressed up for the occasion....the cutest little purple bow tie on the cutest little button!

Time goes so fast .... | Baby Photography Melbourne

I just love watching them grow, watching them grow from newborn into little people and here's the most adorable little one at 10 months.   Watch out Mum he's nearly walking.....

An adorable one year old... | Melbourne Family & Baby Photography

Turning one year old is such an adorable age, not quite walking but everything's an adventure as long as Mum and Dad are close by!!

Those adorable blue eyes....Newborn, Baby & Family Photography

It's such a wondrous time for the family when a new baby arrives, especially if it's your first.  This little one is 8 weeks old and has the most beautiful, big blue eyes.  Congratulations!

Newborn & Family Session

Melbourne Newborn Photographer | Miracles do happen....

"Before you were conceived I wanted you. Before you were born I 
loved you. Before you were here an hour I would die for you. This isthe miracle of life." (Maureen Hawkins)

When you decide it’s time to try to conceive a child it can be a rollercoaster of emotions.  Lot’s of disappointment and trying but hopefully you finally get there.  I know this as it happened to me.  My client not only has been through that rollercoaster but had a little miracle she thought would never happen. 

Since she was a young girl, she dreamed of becoming a mother, meeting the right man and having a family of her own but when she was a teenager she was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovaries and was told that she would never be able to conceive children.  Imagine being told that something you’ve always dreamed about would never happen to you.   Going months without a period and under the impression she would never conceive, what a miracle it was when her instinct told her that her body was changing and she might be pregnant.   Taking the test her instincts were right, she was pregnant!

The gynaecologist calculated that she only had a 2 day window in the year to possibly conceive.  I truly believe that when a little soul wants to get here, they’ll find a way and what a little miracle baby this is.

You can read more about her journey at


8 week old newborn and daddy!
Held in Daddy's arms!
One happy Family!
Daddy kiss for baby!