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Searching for Autumn! | Family Lifestyle Photography Melbourne

Searching for Autumn! | Family Lifestyle Photography Melbourne

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Pure Newborn! | Melbourne Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Pure Newborn! | Melbourne Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Family welcomes newborn baby boy

Melbourne Newborn Photography

Baby Kate | Lifestyle Baby Photography Bayside Melbourne

Baby Kate | Lifestyle Baby Photography Bayside Melbourne

Welcome Baby Kate!

Newborn Baby Blessing! | Newborn & Family Lifestyle Photography Melbourne

The joy I feel when I return to past client's homes and see how much their first born baby has grown and also that they've welcomed another newborn baby girl to the family.

Welcome beautiful baby girl!

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Newborn Lifestyle Photography Melbourne
Toddler Lifestyle Photography Melbourne
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Baby Lifestyle Photography Melbourne
Lifestyle Newborn Photography Melbourne
Natural Family Photography Melbourne
Natural Newborn Photos Bayside Melbourne
Natural photo of a mother kissing her newborn baby girl
Natural Family and Newborn Baby Photography in Melbourne
Bayside natural family photography Melbourne
Natural Toddler Photos Bayside Melbourne
Natural Newborn Photos Melbourne
Newborn Baby small details!
Newborn Baby  Lifestyle Photography Melbourne
Natural Children's Photography Bayside Melbourne
Newborn and Family Lifestyle Photographer Bayside Melbourne
Newborn baby girl!
Melbourne Family Lifestyle Photography
Newborn baby girl!
Newborn baby girl lying on the big bed!

I like to call it non posing! | Family Lifestyle Photography Melbourne

I thought I'd write a post about how I pose or not pose family photography.  My aim is to create an environment in which families can connect and interact, not so much posing but natural, real moments.   

I do though have some "go to" poses that I use to help guide families so they relax in front of the camera and not feel at a loss as to what to do.  They  can include walking and holding hands, kids on shoulders, looking at each other, tickling each other, whispering secrets in their Mum or Dad's ear, sitting as close as can be together, laying down, Mum or Dad looking at their child up in the air, cheek to cheek, Mum with the kids, Dad with the kids, siblings playing, individual shots of the children. 

So as you can see there are a number of different 'poses' that don't involve the 'say cheese' shots looking at the camera.  The photos that you'll cherish are the ones where you are not concerned about the camera but the interaction and love you have for one another. 

Non posed family photography Melbourne
Natural family photography Melbourne
Dad playing with his daughter!
Family laying on ground looking up at the camera!
Siblings playing together
Mother playing with her children
Natural Family Photography Melbourne
Lifestyle Family Photography Melbourne
Melbourne Family Photographer
Bayside Family Photographer

Meet You at the Park...! | Natural Baby and Family Photography Melbourne

I feel so honoured when clients refer their friends to me for a photo shoot.  I am so grateful that you trust me with your precious little ones and feel so incredibly lucky to call this my job.

Kristina decided she would like to have their photo session at the local park and we couldn't have asked for better weather.  Little Lawton has the most infectious smile.   Every time the camera was pointed at him he just smiled at me.  He's a natural Mum and Dad!

Natural Family Photography Melbourne
Melbourne Family Photographer
New family photos at the Park!
Natural Family Photography Melbourne
Natural Baby Photographer Bayside, Melbourne
Lifestyle Family Photography Bayside, Melbourne
Watch Them Grow Photography Bayside, Melbourne
Expressions of a 6 month old baby boy!
Family photos in Melbourne
New parents reading to their 6 month old baby boy
New Dad playing with his 6 month old baby boy!
Family and Baby Photos Melbourne
Lifestyle Baby Photographer Melbourne
New Mum kissing her 6 month old baby boy
Family Lifestyle Portraiture Bayside, Melbourne
Family photos on location at the local park!
Natural Family Photographer Melbourne
New Mum cuddling her baby boy!
On Location Family Photography Melbourne

Family Fun at the Park! | Natural Family Photography Bayside, Melbourne

When Karen rang me to book a photo session she asked if she could also bring their family dog Wilson.  I love including animals in family photo shoots as they are a huge part of the family as well.  Oh my gosh how cute are these children and Wilson the Beagle was such a trouper posing with the family.  Hope you enjoy your preview!

Natural Children's Photographer Melbourne
Toddler and baby brother at the park!
Family Photography Melbourne
Mother and Child playing at the park!
Father and daughter hugs!
Natural Baby Photography Melbourne
Melbourne Lifestyle Family Photographer
Big sister loves her little brother!
Family Photographer Bayside, Melbourne
Family fun at the park!
Family fun with Dad!
7 month old baby boy!
Child Portrait Photographer Melbourne
Family Photographer Bayside, Melbourne
Family snuggles!
Natural Family Photos Melbourne
Child Photographer Bayside
Family Photos Bayside, Melbourne
Natural Baby Photography Bayside, Melbourne
Family time at the park!
Fine Art Photography of Children in Melbourne
Family Play time at the park
Lifestyle Photography of Families Bayside
Natural Family Photos Bayside
Melbourne Family & Child Photography
Fine Art Photography of Children

I'm 2!!! | Natural Toddler Photography Melbourne

Isn't she the cutest????   Her Mum's best friend purchased a Watch Them Grow Photography Gift Voucher for this little toddler's 2nd birthday.  Here's a little preview:

Toddler watering the garden with her Dad!
Natural Family Photography Melbourne
Toddler play!
Toddler lifestyle photography Melbourne
Toddler playing in her tee pee!
Melbourne Natural Children's Photography
Toddler playing with her stickers
Toddler lifestyle photography Melbourne
Lifestyle Family Photographer Melbourne
Toddler and Children's photography melbourne
Toddler playing in Mum & Dad's bed
Toddler pretending to go to sleep in her cot
Toddler jumping in her cot!
Big headphones on little toddler!
Little Toddler sitting in a big chair
Toddler reading time!
Melbourne Natural Family Photography
Toddler running up the hallway!

Brand New Newborn Baby Girl | Natural Newborn Photography Melbourne

I've yet to come across a newborn baby that hasn't smiled for me.  I know it's wind but heck we like to think that they're smiling just for us!!  A newborn little girl has just been welcomed to this delightful family.  Here are some of my favourites - enjoy!

Natural Newborn Baby Photography Melbourne
Natural Family Photography Melbourne
Toddler Photography Melbourne
Dad kissing his newborn baby girl!
Dad cuddling his newborn baby girl!
Mother kissing her newborn baby girl!
Melbourne Family Photographer
Lifestyle Family Photography Melbourne
Newborn details
Newborn baby girl
Lifestyle newborn photography melbourne
Melbourne Family Photography Bayside
Children & Toddler Photography Melbourne
Beautiful newborn photography Melbourne
Natural Newborn Photography Melbourne
Smiling newborn baby girl
Newborn baby facial expressions
Cuddles for newborn baby sister

Family Shoot at the Park! | Natural and Real Family Photography Melbourne


We may not have it all together

But together we have it all!

Family Photography Bayside, Melbourne
Family Fun at the park
Natural Family Photography Bayside Melbourne
On Location Family Photography
Family fun times Bayside, Melbourne
Family mucking around at the park!
Brotherly love!
Couples photography Melbourne
Teenage boys mucking around!
Family tickle fight!
Melbourne Family Lifestyle Photography
Tween boy playing with his soccer ball!
Family Photography Melbourne
Family togetherness!




12 Week Baby Girl! | Natural Family and Children's Photography Melbourne

I've been receiving a lot of bookings lately from panicked parents fearing that they've left it too late to have newborn photos taken.  With Lifestyle photography it doesn't matter how old your child is as Lifestyle is natural and of real moments of who you are now.  I can always fix baby's skin rashes, etc. in Photoshop if need be.

Little baby Ida is absolutely adorable and at 12 weeks already has the most gorgeous personality and smile. 

Natural Newborn Photography Melbourne
Family Photography Melbourne
Melbourne Natural Newborn Photography
Newborn Baby girl
Melbourne Natural Family Photography
Scent of a newborn baby
Natural Baby Photography Bayside Melbourne
Mother's love for her baby girl
Small baby details
Tummy time for little baby girl
Baby girl on Mum and Dad's big bed
Bayside Baby Photography Melbourne
Baby safe and warm in Mum's cuddles
Baby girls first special dress
Natural Newborn Photography Melbourne
Newborn baby girl swaddled in blanket
Baby girl and family dog
Baby girl's protector!
Peaceful slumber for baby girl
Lifestyle Newborn Photography Melbourne



Down by the Wharf! | Family Lifestyle Photography Melbourne

What better way to spend a leisurely family afternoon than checking out some location ideas for photo shoots.  This place is gorgeous down at the wharf , Princes Pier, Port Melbourne.  The things I ask my family to do???

Family Lifestyle Photography Melbourne
On Location Lifestyle Photography Melbourne
Princes Pier, Port Melbourne Family Photos
Lifestyle Family Photography Melbourne
Shooting through glass at Princes Pier, Port Melbourne
My family photos!
Family afternoon outing!
My boy!
A dog we met at Princes Pier, Port Melbourne
Melbourne Family Lifestyle Photographer

Fun at the Park! | Family Lifestyle Photography Bayside, Melbourne

It might be cold here at the moment but when the sun comes out what better place to have a family photo shoot than down at the local park playing with the ducks, looking for fairies and playing on the swings.  

Family Lifestyle Photographer
Mum & Daughter photo!
Children's Photography Melbourne
Children's Lifestyle Photographer Bayside, Melbourne
Family fun at the park!
Child feeding the ducks!
Melbourne Family Photography
Child playing at the park!
Melbourne Children's Photography
Family playing on the swings at the park!
Child playing on the swings!
Where are the fairies?
Children's Photography Bayside, Melbourne
Family photo at the park!

For all the Mum's out there! | Natural Family Photography Bayside, Melbourne

With less than a week to Mother's Day I thought I'd share some favourite images of Motherhood over the last year.  Mum's deserve to be spoilt on their special day!  Celebrate Motherhood, the love they have for their children, the behind the scenes work they do to make our lives run smoothly.  Being a Mum myself and knowing how our time is so stretched thin, why not spoil your Mum with a photo shoot Gift Voucher, a present that will be cherished for a lifetime.   My aim is to capture the love and connection all Mum's have for their children and family.  Book now and you'll receive a free 7 x 5" art print.

Mother's Day collage!

Bonfire!! | Family Photography Melbourne

What better way to spend a chilly Autumn evening during the school holidays than toasting marshmallows in the fire pit in the backyard.  Children love to do this (and get's them off the video games without too much hassle)!! 

children's lifestyle photographer melbourne
Child stirring the fire!
Family Lifestyle Photography Melbourne
Children sitting around the bonfire!
Melbourne family lifestyle photography
Boy playing with stick from the bonfire!
Melbourne Childen's Lifestyle Photography
Children eating toasted marshmallows!
My personal family photos!