Stylised Tween/Teenager Photo Shoot! | Fine Art Photography Melbourne

In this digital age Tweens and Teenagers are spending more time on Social Media, trying to obtain as many 'Likes' as possible.  My generation regards this as a form of narcissism but it really denotes their lack of self confidence, this constant strive to feel accepted and 'Liked' based on their appearance and popularity.

Their self-esteem is so fragile in this age group where one negative comment about their looks or weight can affect them for the rest of their lives. 

With this, I'm really passionate about helping them show their inner beauty, the real them by photographing Tweens and Teenagers in a stylised photo shoot, one where they've helped to create photos about them as individuals, not an unrealistic 'Selfie' posed a certain way. 

I will be hosting Mini Sessions around May/June this year at the beautiful Mont Du Soleil in the Dandenongs.    If you're interested in booking a session, please give me a call.

Here is a small preview of what to expect from a stylised photo shoot taken down at the beach.

Tween Fine Art Photography Melbourne
Fine Art Photography of Tween and Teenagers
Young Tween Girl at the beach!
Fine Art Photography of Tweens and Teenagers
Stylized Teen and Teenager Photography
Black & White image of Tween girl!
Young Tween girls playing in the water down at the beach
Melbourne Fine Art Photography of Tweens & Teenagers
Tween on location photography Melbourne
Tween girls playing at the beach!
Stylised photo shoots of Tweens & Teenagers
Young girl strolling through the shallows at the beach
Tween photography Bayside, Melbourne
Stylised photo shoots of Teenagers and Tweens
Portrait of Young Tween girl
Children's Photo shoot at the beach
Tween girl chasing seagulls at the beach
Watch Them Grow Photography Tween & Teenager Photo Shoots
Teenager styled photo shoot