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Watch Them Grow Photography specializes in On-location natural Family Portrait Photography, Newborn Baby Photography, and Children's Photography.  Servicing Bayside and Melbourne areas.

Jenn Bullen photographer is renowned for her natural, emotive, laid-back, lifestyle photography.  Genuine emotional connection and a relaxed approach tailor-made to suit her individual clients.

Pregnancy Photography - The changing shape of a woman's body during this life altering event is to be celebrated and photographed.

Newborn Photography - A newborn is only considered a newborn for the baby's first 3 months of life.  Capture this time when they "look" like newborns, fuzzy ears, wrinkly skin and all. 

Baby Photography - Creamy skin, chubby thighs, oh so squeezable, photograph your baby before the pre-walking age!

Toddler Photography -  Their little personality is forming, photograph the wonder and attitude of your Toddler.  

Children's Photography - They grow so quickly and my aim is to photograph a child's essence, who they are at this stage of their development.

Family Photography - Photograph the love and connection of your family. 


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