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As a photographer I'm always on the lookout for different locations for client photo shoots.  You can take some of the most beautiful photos in a very small area and spots that you would normally just drive past.

When I was dropping off my son's friend at his home, I noticed across the road a magnificent tree with stunning red petals (not sure the name of the tree)!  Anyway, I couldn't help myself and organised an impromptu photo shoot with the gorgeous Ava & Jaz.  

Tween girl walking under magnificent tree!
Freelensed image of Tween Girl in red dress!
Fine Art Photography of Tweens!
Children's Fine Art Photography Melbourne
Tween girl with hazel eyes!
Styled Photo Shoot of Tween Girl
Overhead image of tween girl!
Tween girl dancing!
Dancing Tween girl!
Freelensed image of Tween Girl
Fine Art Photography of Tweens Melbourne
melbourne Tween Fine Art Photography
Melbourne Natural Children's Photogapher
Photo of Tween girl in red vintage dress