Make Your Daughter Feel Special! | Tween Fine Art Photography Melbourne

I'm thrilled to announce another Tween Fine Art Mini shoots at the beautiful Mont Du Soleil - Wednesday 4th October in the Dandenongs.  Come and have a bonding experience with your Tween daughter and make her feel special.  A wonderful activity to have with your daughter during the 2nd week of the school holidays.  Places are limited so get in quick!  For more information or to make a booking call Jenn on 0400 841627.

Quote from the Charlotte - "My experience with Jenn was great !  Jenn is so kind and that helps when taking photo's because she makes you feel comfortable.   Getting my photo's taken at Mont du Soleil was wonderful because it is so beautiful there and it made me feel special. The photo's turned out great and we did some serious ones and some of them smiling.  Jenn is a great photographer."

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Mont Du Soleil Mini Shoots! | Tween Fine Art Photography Melbourne

Introducing beautiful Charlotte photographed at the exquisite Mont Du Soleil location.  Her Mum purchased a mini photo session for Charlotte's birthday and she had so much fun deciding which dresses she was going to wear (and I think Mum did too)! 

Tween girl mini photo shoot!
Tween girl dancing in her own little world!
Tween Mini Photo Shoots at Mont Du Soleil!
Reflection of beautiful girl in the mirror!
Natural Children's Photography Melbourne
Young girl playing piano!
Young tween girl painting!
Children's Fine Art Photographer Melbourne
Melbourne Fine Art Photographer of Children
Tween Fine Art Photography at Mont Du Soleil
Mini Tween Photo Shoot
Tween girl mini shoots by Watch Them Grow Photography
Beautiful Tween girl!
Autumn leaves at the Tween Fine Art Mini Shoot

Boys and their Toys! | Children's Family Lifestyle Photography Melbourne

I don't know about you but these school holidays I've been trying to get my son outside playing in this gorgeous Spring weather.  I had a great shoot with a friend's son down at the local skate park and boy can this dude acid drop!  Thanks 'K' for not landing on top of me as you went over me with those awesome air jumps! Sick!!

Boy on scooter!
Boys and their toys!
Boys playing at skatepark in Bayside
Shadow of boy skateboarding!
Tween boy!
Tween boy skateboarding!
Tween boy photo shoot at skatepark!b
Scooter riding at the skate park!
Boy riding his unicycle!
Skate park in Highett Bayside!

Soccer Mad | Children's Photography Melbourne

Well it's got to the stage where my tween, soccer mad son doesn't like having his photo's the best I can do!

Soccer boots on!
Kicking the soccer ball!
Child's shadow!