Teenager & Tween Mini Shoots

Mont Du Soleil Mini Shoots! | Tween Fine Art Photography Melbourne

Introducing beautiful Charlotte photographed at the exquisite Mont Du Soleil location.  Her Mum purchased a mini photo session for Charlotte's birthday and she had so much fun deciding which dresses she was going to wear (and I think Mum did too)! 

Tween girl mini photo shoot!
Tween girl dancing in her own little world!
Tween Mini Photo Shoots at Mont Du Soleil!
Reflection of beautiful girl in the mirror!
Natural Children's Photography Melbourne
Young girl playing piano!
Young tween girl painting!
Children's Fine Art Photographer Melbourne
Melbourne Fine Art Photographer of Children
Tween Fine Art Photography at Mont Du Soleil
Mini Tween Photo Shoot
Tween girl mini shoots by Watch Them Grow Photography
Beautiful Tween girl!
Autumn leaves at the Tween Fine Art Mini Shoot