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Tween Photo Shoots! | Children's Lifestyle Photography Bayside, Melbourne

Highlights from a recent Tween photo shoot!  If you're interested in having a similar photo session, my next Tween Mini shoots will be held on Oct 4th at the exquisite Mont Du Soleil.  Give me a call on 0400 841627 to make a booking.

Tween Mini Photo Shoots Melbourne
Best friends at Tween Photo Session
Tween Photography Melbourne
Children's Lifestyle Photography Bayside Melbourne
Fine Art Child Photography Melbourne
Tween Lifestyle Photography Melbourne
Melbourne Lifestyle Child Photography
On Location Family and Child Photography Melbourne
Fine Art Child Photography Melbourne
Natural photos of children in Bayside
Lifestyle Family Photographer Bayside Melbourne
Tween Lifestyle Photographer Bayside Melbourne
Child Photographer Bayside Melbourne
Young tween girl walking her dog!
Fine Art Photography of Children Melbourne
Natural family photographer Bayside

Anna at Mont Du Soleil - Tween Fine Art Photography Melbourne

More photos from Mont Du Soleil Mini Photo Shoots back in November last year.  Introducing the beautiful Anna!

Childrens Natural Photography Melbourne
Tween Fine Art Photography Melbourne
Tween Portrait Photography Melbourne
Tween girl dancing!
Tween girl looking at bird in the birdcage!
Children's Lifestyle Photography Melbourne
Tween & Teenager Fine Art Photography Melbourne
Mini Tween Girl Photo Shoot at Mont Du Soleil
Stunning Tween Photography Melbourne
Black & White Portrait of Tween Girl
Tween girls portrait photo at Mont Du Soleil

Natural Lifestyle Newborn Photography - What is it?

There's blurred lines when it comes to explaining what Lifestyle photography is.  Some would say it is Documentary where the photographer becomes a fly on the wall and photographs your normal day.  To me Lifestyle is natural and real, with occasional prompts to help the clients know what to do.  

For me, it is so beautiful and personal to photograph your newborn in their brand new home, to capture your baby photographed in their own nursery, to remember forever what that very first bedroom looked like. Those first wraps, hand knitted blankets and booties, their first teddy, all the things that you'll want to remember in years to come.  To have them cuddled by you on your bed, a place where they'll never be quite this small again.  Lifestyle to me is documenting you, your new family forever changed!   It's emotions and love that you could never have imagined before. 

Here's one adorable little guy and his parents!

Melbourne Newborn Lifestyle Photography
Newborn Lifestyle Photography Bayside, Melbourne
Melbourne Newborn Photography
New Mum holding her newborn baby boy!
Newborn Black & White Photography Melbourne
Newborn Baby Boy lying on the bed!
Lifestyle Newborn on bed!
New Mum holding her newborn baby boy!
Family Lifestyle Photography Melbourne
Baby's tootsies!
Newborn baby boy!
Smiley baby boy!
New Dad holding his newborn son!
Gorgeous newborn baby!
Proud Parents holding newborn baby in nursery!
Little newborn baby boy!
New family!
Newborn baby in his cot!

Family Get Together | Family Lifestyle Photography Bayside, Melbourne

"When you look at your life, the greatest happiness is family happiness."  Dr Joyce Brothers

Oh I love it when previous clients welcome me back to photograph their growing family.  This is the most beautiful family....hope you enjoy the preview!

Family Photography in Bayside, Melbourne
Mother and her children!
A Dad's gorgeous relationship with his little girl!
Trampoline fun!
Boy Toddler!
Little girl catching bubbles!
A Mum and her little boy twirling!
Who loves their little brother?
Little girl playing Doctors & Nurses!
We are family!
Little toddler jumping into his Mum's arms!
Kisses and cuddles for Mum!
Girl twirling!
Little girl' tender moment with her Dad!
Little girl jumping on trampoline!
Toddler fun!
Toddler playing with bubbles!

Sunny Afternoon | Children's/Family Photography Melbourne

It was glorious Autumn day and my client and I decided to meet at Albert Park Lake.  I forgot that they still hadn't pulled down all the Grand Prix stands around the lake but I had a bit of a buzz driving on the track under the signs from the race.  I've photographed my client's eldest son 4 years ago at 2 1/2 and since they've added another little boy to the family.   It just so happened he's now 2 1/2 as well. 

Brother's throwing Autumn leaves!
Toddler playing Peek a Boo!
Brothers playing with wind blowers!
Toddler blowing bubbles!
Brother's cuddles!
Children feeding the birds!
Children chillin' by the lake!
Brother's - Where's my ball!
Children running!
Toddler grin!
Cheeky child!

The chill is in the air! | Melbourne & Bayside Children's Photography

Autumn is coming and the chill is in the air....this time of the year has the most beautiful light!  Book a session before the end of March and receive a complimentary 11 x 14" Art Print with any package you choose.  

Child through the willow!

2015 Booking Special | Family Photography Melbourne

It's that time of year where I run my one and only annual booking special. I'd love to get to know you and your family this year.

Email me at jenn@watchthemgrow.com.au for more information or give me a call to make a booking on 0400 841627.

2015 Booking Special.jpg

Twins out Loud! | Children's Lifestyle Photography Melbourne

Not only do I love photography but I also love home decorating.  So I can't tell you how excited I was to discover a recycled furniture warehouse called Mulbury.  They have the most unusual pieces including industrial and recycled timber furniture.  They so kindly offered for me to use a ship's horn for a little shoot I did of the cutest twin boys.   Go check out their site at - www.mulbury.com.au

Twin boys

100 Day Celebration | Baby Lifestyle Photography Melbourne

I had the honour of photographing a little baby girl's "100 Day Celebration" called "Okuizome".  This is to celebrate a baby's "first food" or "first eating" in Japan and to celebrate the new phase in a baby's life.  It has beautiful sentiment behind the event and is a big feast for family and friends to celebrate.  It has been celebrated for hundred's of years in Japan, during times when babies didn't always make it to 100 days old. 

You're probably thinking that it's quite early to be introducing solids to a baby this young but relatives just pretend to feed the baby.  The food prepared varies between different regions of Japan but the food that is presented to the baby usually includes a fish (with the head and tail still attached), rice, soup, and boiled vegetables.  Each of these foods mean a different virtue such as the word for beans (mame) is similar to the word for loyalty/diligence and the word for red sea bream (a type of fish) is similar to a word for happiness (tai and mede-tai).  A small pebble is given to the baby to bite, symbolizing strong teeth.  I love the idea that eating a food could possibly portray a positive trait that your baby could have for the rest of their life!

Hmmmm, what positive trait could possibly go with chocolate - happiness, wisdom, serenity???

Searching for Fairies...... Children & Family Photographer Melbourne

Deep within the bushes, look between the leaves

For once a Fairy roamed there

And may now be fast asleep

For the magic is there

Just needs to be found

And awaken the fairy

That lives near the ground!

The Family We Share....... | Melbourne Family Photography

What a gorgeous family I had the priviledge of photographing at their home.  When their Mum mentioned that we could do the shoot in their backyard, I didn't realise how beautiful it was having been designed by Phillip Johnson who won "Best in Show" at the Chelsea Flower Show last year.  Hope you like your preview.... 

"Backlight" | Children's Photography Melbourne

A photographer's dream is beautiful lighting especially back light!  It makes a photo look magical!  The best time to photograph is late afternoon light or early morning light as it's soft and dreamy.  Photograph the subject with their back to the sun, this produces an almost halo effect around the subject!