Newborn Photography Melbourne

Newborn Lifestyle Photography, what does it mean? / Newborn Photographer Bayside Melbourne

Newborn Lifestyle Photography, what does it mean?  /   Newborn Photographer Bayside Melbourne

What Style of Newborn Photography is right for you?

Big Sister Adores Her Baby Brother / Natural Newborn Photography Melbourne

Big Sister Adores Her Baby Brother   /   Natural Newborn Photography Melbourne

Big Sister Adores Her Baby Brother!

A New Addition to the Family! | Family and Newborn Lifestyle Photography Melbourne

A New Addition to the Family! | Family and Newborn Lifestyle Photography Melbourne

Big sister adores her newborn baby brother!

Natural Newborn & Baby Photography Bayside, Melbourne

It's such a joy seeing a previous client's family grow and being asked back to celebrate another new life being added to the family.  Welcome Jack!  Big sister and brother were wonderful with their new baby brother, doting him with lot's of kisses.

Newborn sessions are dear to my heart, it's a time that deserves to be captured as they change so quickly.  I come to you in your home and use natural light.  My approach to newborn photography is simple, timeless and emotionally driven portraiture.

Newborn Lifestyle Photography Bayside, Melbourne
Newborn baby yawn!
Natural Newborn & Baby Photography Melbourne
Melbourne & Bayside Newborn Photography
Collage of newborn baby boy!
Natural Baby & Newborn Photographer Melbourne
Natural Family Photographer Bayside Melbourne
Melbourne Family Lifestyle Photographer
Mother kissing her newborn baby boy!
Big sister loves her newborn baby brother!
Big Brother kissing his newborn baby brother!
Natural and on location Family photography Melbourne
Newborn and Baby Photography Melbourne
Newborn baby's feet!
Mother and Baby!
Family welcomes newborn baby boy!
Newborn & Family Lifestyle Photography Melbourne
Parents kissing their newborn baby!
Mother cuddling her newborn son!
Black & White photo of a mother cuddling her newborn!
Newborn and Family Photography Bayside, Melbourne
Father kissing his newborn baby boy!


Purity of a Newborn! | Natural Newborn Photography Bayside, Melbourne

My aim is to capture how perfect babies are on their own.  Simple, pure and natural newborn photography. 

Newborn photography Melbourne
Natural, unposed newborn photography Melbourne
Melbourne Newborn Photography
Newborn Baby Girl
Newborn Baby photography Bayside
Natural baby photography Melbourne
Newborn baby girl's tiny hands
Tiny newborn baby girl with big teddybear
Newborn baby photography Bayside
Newborn baby girl smile
Melbourne natural newborn photographer

Brand New Newborn Baby Girl | Natural Newborn Photography Melbourne

I've yet to come across a newborn baby that hasn't smiled for me.  I know it's wind but heck we like to think that they're smiling just for us!!  A newborn little girl has just been welcomed to this delightful family.  Here are some of my favourites - enjoy!

Natural Newborn Baby Photography Melbourne
Natural Family Photography Melbourne
Toddler Photography Melbourne
Dad kissing his newborn baby girl!
Dad cuddling his newborn baby girl!
Mother kissing her newborn baby girl!
Melbourne Family Photographer
Lifestyle Family Photography Melbourne
Newborn details
Newborn baby girl
Lifestyle newborn photography melbourne
Melbourne Family Photography Bayside
Children & Toddler Photography Melbourne
Beautiful newborn photography Melbourne
Natural Newborn Photography Melbourne
Smiling newborn baby girl
Newborn baby facial expressions
Cuddles for newborn baby sister

Newborn Baby Stretch! | Natural Newborn Photographer Melbourne

When Molly rang me about photographing her new little baby I was really excited.  Lifestyle photo shoots are my favourite especially newborns.  It can be a challenge though going to someone's home without knowing exactly what the light will be like but I go with the flow.  The end result is so real because the images capture the role the home plays within the family.

I'm a Mum myself and clearly remember that first month arriving home with our newborn son and how exhausted I was with lack of sleep, hormones playing havoc and just trying to keep up with feeds.  This is where an in home session is less intrusive and you can then just focus on your baby and let me do the rest. 

Little Hugo loved a big stretch, such a cutie!! 

Natural Newborn & Family Photography Melbourne
In Home Newborn Photography Melbourne
Natural Lifestyle Photography of Newborns
Natural Family Photography Melbourne
Newborn Baby lying on the bed
Big newborn stretches
Newborn Baby on Parent's bed
New Dad kissing his newborn son
Newborn baby details
Scent of a newborn baby
Newborn baby boy on bed
Natural newborn photography melbourne
Mother's love for her newborn baby boy
Melbourne Newborn Photography
Melbourne Newborn Lifestyle Photography
Simple and pure newborn photography Melbourne
Dad holding his newborn baby on his shoulder
Beautiful Mum holding her newborn baby son



7 Weeks! | Natural Newborn Photography Melbourne

Isn't she absolutely adorable?  At 7 weeks old little Olive was all smiles and an absolute delight.   Okay I admit it, I still get really clucky when I meet newborns for the first time!!

Natural Newborn Photography Melbourne
Precious newborn baby girl!
Melbourne Newborn Photography
Sleeping Newborn Baby Girl!
Smiling newborn baby girl!
Natural on location Newborn Photography Melbourne
Baby girl's nursery!
Natural Newborn Photography Melbourne
Melbourne Lifestyle Newborn Photography