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10 Day Old Newborn Baby Boy / Natural Newborn Photography Bayside Melbourne

10 Day Old Newborn Baby Boy  /  Natural Newborn Photography Bayside Melbourne

10 Days New!

No Pressure Newborn Photos! | Lifestyle Newborn Photography Bayside, Melbourne

There's something so pure and real about newborn sessions.  New parents are in awe over their newborn baby and so in love.  If I had to describe a newborn session I'd call it easy going, nice and slow, letting the baby lead the session.

I like to schedule my newborn photo shoots at around 11am.  This gives Mum and Dad plenty of time to feed the baby and heat the house prior to me getting there.  Babies seem to be calmer in the morning and indoor light is usually better in the am.  When I arrive at your home, there's no rush as I don't work to the clock.  I'll have a look around for the best diffused light and set up prior to you bringing your baby to the room.

If your baby needs nursing that's fine.  We do whatever it takes to keep your baby comfortable and happy.  All newborns have very individual personalities and this is what I like to capture.  No strange poses for you or your baby.  I might ask you to lie on your bed with your baby, cuddle and kiss your baby too.  Some babies are wide awake and really aware of their surroundings.  You don't have to worry about getting your baby to sleep.  If that's your baby at this stage then that's what I want to photograph.  If they want to feed a few times or have a dirty nappy that's fine, we take all the time that's necessary to get those photos that you'll treasure in years to come.

Here's a preview of a beautiful newborn baby boy taken a few weeks back.

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Newborn baby boy photo shoot
Family and Baby Photography Bayside Melbourne
Lifestyle Newborn Photography Melbourne
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Newborn baby boy cuddled on his Dad's lap
Newborn baby details
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Natural newborn photos Bayside Melbourne
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On location photo of a sleeping newborn
Lifestyle Family and Newborn Photography
Newborn baby boy in his cot
In home newborn photography Bayside
Cuddles from Mum for  her newborn baby boy
Natural Photography of Newborn babies

'LOVE' | Beautiful Natural Family Photography in Bayside, Melbourne

This might sound a bit mushy but my post today is about 'LOVE'!  Love is what makes the world go around and is the main reason we take photos.  Photos that show the love that we have for one another, love of your family,  love of landscapes, love of animals, love of the world around us, it's there and we want to capture it!  It surrounds us everyday in everything that we do.  




New little Sister! | Newborn Natural Photography Bayside, Melbourne

I was so honoured when Megan, a fellow photographer from asked me to photograph this crazy, emotional, love-filled time in their life. Megan and Luke seemed to exude a sense of calmness despite the fast pace of a 2 year old and a newborn. Congratulations to you and your new family!  I hope I managed to capture such a beautiful time in your lives.

Newborn Photography Melbourne
Melbourne Newborn Photography
Big brother with little newborn sister!
Family welcomes newborn!
Natural newborn photogaphy Melbourne
Family Photography Bayside, Melbourne
Newborn little girl's tootsies!
Newborn little girl!
Newborn kisses from Mum!
Newborn lips!
Melbourne Lifestyle Family Photography
Natural Newborn Photography
Natural Lifestyle Photographer Melbourne
Newborn little girl in her cot!

Perfection! | Newborn Lifestyle Photography Bayside, Melbourne

They're so perfect!  For me newborn photography is so beautiful for it's simplicity.   Documenting the tiniest of details, the wisp hair, the dribble, the dimple, their tiny hands and feet, this is what you want to remember as it's gone so quickly.   This gorgeous 8 week old baby girl was the sweetest! 

Newborn photography Melbourne
Newborn tiny details!
Natural newborn photography Bayside, Melbourne
Lifestyle Newborn Photographer
Tiny feet of a newborn!
Tiny hands of a newborn baby!
Newborn little girl!
Lifestyle Newborn Photographer Melbourne
Family Photography Melbourne
Melbourne Family Photographer
Little newborn baby girl!

Big Brother | Children's Photographer Melbourne

I have so many photos that I love from this session and couldn't resist sharing this of big brother's love for his new baby sister!  

Big Brother kissing newborn sister!

It's Been a Wonderful Year | Melbourne Family Photography

To all the precious newborns, babies, children, and families that I've photographed during 2014, thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting me and helping me do what I love so much.   Cheers to 2015! 

One More Makes Four! | Melbourne Newborn Photography

What a gorgeous family who have just welcomed their fourth child to the family.  Congratulations, she's beautiful!

It was a 'Bump & Baby' Workshop weekend! / Newborn/Pregnancy Photography

I had the privilege of spending a wonderful weekend with the talented photographer Anya Maria Photography.  It was so inspirational watching Anya work and meeting other fellow photographers from around Melbourne.  Thank you to all our models, you did such a wonderful job.  I can't help but be clucky since I met your beautiful, wee ones but at least I get to photograph these cute little bundles of joy.   If you are thinking of having newborn photos, contact me with your approximate delivery date so to pencil you in the first week following the birth.  As you can see pregnancy photos can be beautiful even though you're feeling uncomfortable and big.  Best to do those photos around the 32 - 34 week mark.

Bump & Baby Workshop Blog Photos 2.jpg
Baby & Bump Workshop Blog Photos 3.jpg
Baby & Bump Workshop Blog Photos 7.jpg