Newborn Baby Girl

Welcome Matilda! | Lifestyle Newborn & Baby Photography Melbourne

Those first few days after you've arrived home with your new baby seem like a blur but it's almost as if they've always been there.  This little bub decided she wanted to arrive early and Mum & Dad are totally smitten.  Welcome sweet Matilda!

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Newborn baby girl!
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Daddy's sweet newborn baby girl
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Newborn baby girl
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Sleeping newborn baby girl
Sweet newborn baby girl being cuddles by her mother
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Newborn baby girl looking out the window!
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Newborn baby girl with her besotted parents
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New Mother holding her newborn baby girl

Newborn Baby Blessing! | Newborn & Family Lifestyle Photography Melbourne

The joy I feel when I return to past client's homes and see how much their first born baby has grown and also that they've welcomed another newborn baby girl to the family.

Welcome beautiful baby girl!

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Newborn Lifestyle Photography Melbourne
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Newborn baby girl!
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Newborn baby girl!
Newborn baby girl lying on the big bed!

13 Days New! | Melbourne Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

I met this sweet family 2 years ago when I photographed their first newborn baby girl.  I was so thrilled for them when Dad rang me to tell me that they've now welcomed another baby girl to the family.  Only 13 days old and so beautiful.   Their eldest has grown so much since I last met her and oh my gosh those gorgeous curls!

I hope you enjoy your preview....

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Father and newborn baby daughter
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13 day old newborn baby girl with her dad
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12 Week Baby Girl! | Natural Family and Children's Photography Melbourne

I've been receiving a lot of bookings lately from panicked parents fearing that they've left it too late to have newborn photos taken.  With Lifestyle photography it doesn't matter how old your child is as Lifestyle is natural and of real moments of who you are now.  I can always fix baby's skin rashes, etc. in Photoshop if need be.

Little baby Ida is absolutely adorable and at 12 weeks already has the most gorgeous personality and smile. 

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Newborn Baby girl
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Scent of a newborn baby
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Mother's love for her baby girl
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Baby girl on Mum and Dad's big bed
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Baby safe and warm in Mum's cuddles
Baby girls first special dress
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Newborn baby girl swaddled in blanket
Baby girl and family dog
Baby girl's protector!
Peaceful slumber for baby girl
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And Family Makes Three! | Natural Newborn Photography Melbourne

A newborn is all things hopeful, dreams fulfilled and a wonder of possibilities!

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Newborn Photography Melbourne
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Newborn details!
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Mother holding her newborn baby!
Smiling newborn baby!
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Mother's love for her newborn baby girl!
Precious newborn baby girl!
Father's love for his newborn baby girl!
A family of three!

7 Weeks! | Natural Newborn Photography Melbourne

Isn't she absolutely adorable?  At 7 weeks old little Olive was all smiles and an absolute delight.   Okay I admit it, I still get really clucky when I meet newborns for the first time!!

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Precious newborn baby girl!
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Sleeping Newborn Baby Girl!
Smiling newborn baby girl!
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Baby girl's nursery!
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