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Natural Light Newborn Photography / Natural and Simple Newborn Photography Melbourne

Natural Light Newborn Photography   /   Natural and Simple Newborn Photography Melbourne

Natural Light Newborn Photography!

Welcome Baby Axle! | Natural Family Photography Bayside, Melbourne

Welcome Baby Axle! | Natural Family Photography Bayside, Melbourne

Welcome newborn baby boy into the family.

Another Beautiful Soul enters the World! | Natural Newborn & Baby Photography Melbourne

Another Beautiful Soul enters the World! | Natural Newborn & Baby Photography Melbourne

Melbourne Newborn Photography

Another beautiful soul arrives

Newborn Baby Blessing! | Newborn & Family Lifestyle Photography Melbourne

The joy I feel when I return to past client's homes and see how much their first born baby has grown and also that they've welcomed another newborn baby girl to the family.

Welcome beautiful baby girl!

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Natural photo of a mother kissing her newborn baby girl
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Newborn Baby small details!
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Newborn baby girl!
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Newborn baby girl!
Newborn baby girl lying on the big bed!

7 Weeks! | Natural Newborn Photography Melbourne

Isn't she absolutely adorable?  At 7 weeks old little Olive was all smiles and an absolute delight.   Okay I admit it, I still get really clucky when I meet newborns for the first time!!

Natural Newborn Photography Melbourne
Precious newborn baby girl!
Melbourne Newborn Photography
Sleeping Newborn Baby Girl!
Smiling newborn baby girl!
Natural on location Newborn Photography Melbourne
Baby girl's nursery!
Natural Newborn Photography Melbourne
Melbourne Lifestyle Newborn Photography

Welcome Hugo! | Natural Newborn Photography Melbourne

Oh baby Hugo, you are such a sweet baby!  I love it when a session just comes together so naturally and I see the love of new parents for their newborn son! 

I find that parents are loving the more natural type photos that show their newborn exactly as they were when they first arrive home.  Newborns don't have a routine yet so I pretty much follow the baby's mood and their schedule.  Don't worry if your baby is unsettled as there is no time limit, take all the time you need to settle your baby.

I very much enjoyed meeting his parents and hanging out with the three of them at their home.   Thanks so much for all your help Richard!   I hope you enjoy your preview.

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Melbourne Newborn Photography
Family Lifestyle Photography Melbourne
Mother's Love for her newborn baby!
Natural Newborn Photography Melbourne
Natural Baby Photography Melbourne
Little newborn hand!
Newborn Lifestyle Photography Melbourne
Newborn baby details!
Melbourne Natural Family Photogapher
Newborn Lifestyle Photographer Melbourne
Daddy loves his newborn son!
Natural baby photos in Melbourne
New mum kissing her newborn baby boy!
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Natural Newborn Photographer Melbourne
Melbourne Newborn Photography
Natural Newborn photos!
Melbourne newborn photographer!

New little Sister! | Newborn Natural Photography Bayside, Melbourne

I was so honoured when Megan, a fellow photographer from asked me to photograph this crazy, emotional, love-filled time in their life. Megan and Luke seemed to exude a sense of calmness despite the fast pace of a 2 year old and a newborn. Congratulations to you and your new family!  I hope I managed to capture such a beautiful time in your lives.

Newborn Photography Melbourne
Melbourne Newborn Photography
Big brother with little newborn sister!
Family welcomes newborn!
Natural newborn photogaphy Melbourne
Family Photography Bayside, Melbourne
Newborn little girl's tootsies!
Newborn little girl!
Newborn kisses from Mum!
Newborn lips!
Melbourne Lifestyle Family Photography
Natural Newborn Photography
Natural Lifestyle Photographer Melbourne
Newborn little girl in her cot!

Perfection! | Newborn Lifestyle Photography Bayside, Melbourne

They're so perfect!  For me newborn photography is so beautiful for it's simplicity.   Documenting the tiniest of details, the wisp hair, the dribble, the dimple, their tiny hands and feet, this is what you want to remember as it's gone so quickly.   This gorgeous 8 week old baby girl was the sweetest! 

Newborn photography Melbourne
Newborn tiny details!
Natural newborn photography Bayside, Melbourne
Lifestyle Newborn Photographer
Tiny feet of a newborn!
Tiny hands of a newborn baby!
Newborn little girl!
Lifestyle Newborn Photographer Melbourne
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Melbourne Family Photographer
Little newborn baby girl!