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Play Time at the Park! | Toddler & Family Lifestyle Photography Melbourne

Play Time at the Park! | Toddler & Family Lifestyle Photography Melbourne

Toddler and Family Fun at the park with 2 year old twin girls

12 Week Baby Girl! | Natural Family and Children's Photography Melbourne

I've been receiving a lot of bookings lately from panicked parents fearing that they've left it too late to have newborn photos taken.  With Lifestyle photography it doesn't matter how old your child is as Lifestyle is natural and of real moments of who you are now.  I can always fix baby's skin rashes, etc. in Photoshop if need be.

Little baby Ida is absolutely adorable and at 12 weeks already has the most gorgeous personality and smile. 

Natural Newborn Photography Melbourne
Family Photography Melbourne
Melbourne Natural Newborn Photography
Newborn Baby girl
Melbourne Natural Family Photography
Scent of a newborn baby
Natural Baby Photography Bayside Melbourne
Mother's love for her baby girl
Small baby details
Tummy time for little baby girl
Baby girl on Mum and Dad's big bed
Bayside Baby Photography Melbourne
Baby safe and warm in Mum's cuddles
Baby girls first special dress
Natural Newborn Photography Melbourne
Newborn baby girl swaddled in blanket
Baby girl and family dog
Baby girl's protector!
Peaceful slumber for baby girl
Lifestyle Newborn Photography Melbourne



Newborn Baby Stretch! | Natural Newborn Photographer Melbourne

When Molly rang me about photographing her new little baby I was really excited.  Lifestyle photo shoots are my favourite especially newborns.  It can be a challenge though going to someone's home without knowing exactly what the light will be like but I go with the flow.  The end result is so real because the images capture the role the home plays within the family.

I'm a Mum myself and clearly remember that first month arriving home with our newborn son and how exhausted I was with lack of sleep, hormones playing havoc and just trying to keep up with feeds.  This is where an in home session is less intrusive and you can then just focus on your baby and let me do the rest. 

Little Hugo loved a big stretch, such a cutie!! 

Natural Newborn & Family Photography Melbourne
In Home Newborn Photography Melbourne
Natural Lifestyle Photography of Newborns
Natural Family Photography Melbourne
Newborn Baby lying on the bed
Big newborn stretches
Newborn Baby on Parent's bed
New Dad kissing his newborn son
Newborn baby details
Scent of a newborn baby
Newborn baby boy on bed
Natural newborn photography melbourne
Mother's love for her newborn baby boy
Melbourne Newborn Photography
Melbourne Newborn Lifestyle Photography
Simple and pure newborn photography Melbourne
Dad holding his newborn baby on his shoulder
Beautiful Mum holding her newborn baby son



Precious Newborn Baby Boy! | Natural Newborn Photography Melbourne

I had the pleasure of meeting another newborn baby boy last week!  Welcome Joshua! 

All babies have their own little sounds, movements and smiles that are all distinctive of who they are.   Mum said that Joshua has the cutest pursed lips while making a little 'O' with his lips!

Natural Newborn Photography Melbourne
Natural Newborn Photography Melbourne
Baby boy!
Melbourne Newborn Baby Photography
Family Lifestyle Photography Melbourne
Newborn Lifestyle Photographer Melbourne
Newborn baby little details!
Natural Newborn Baby Photographer Melbourne!
Dad with his newborn baby boy!
Melbourne Natural Family Photography
New Dad holding his newborn son!
Big hands wrap newborn baby boy!
Newborn quirks!
Lifestyle newborn photography Melbourne
Swaddled newborn baby boy!
Mother cuddling her newborn baby son!
Close up shot of newborn baby boy!
Newborn natural photography!
Melbourne Family Photography!
Newborn baby boy!
Newborn natural photography Melbourne

Perfection! | Newborn Lifestyle Photography Bayside, Melbourne

They're so perfect!  For me newborn photography is so beautiful for it's simplicity.   Documenting the tiniest of details, the wisp hair, the dribble, the dimple, their tiny hands and feet, this is what you want to remember as it's gone so quickly.   This gorgeous 8 week old baby girl was the sweetest! 

Newborn photography Melbourne
Newborn tiny details!
Natural newborn photography Bayside, Melbourne
Lifestyle Newborn Photographer
Tiny feet of a newborn!
Tiny hands of a newborn baby!
Newborn little girl!
Lifestyle Newborn Photographer Melbourne
Family Photography Melbourne
Melbourne Family Photographer
Little newborn baby girl!

"For You" | Women's Photography Melbourne

Watch Them Grow Photography was born from my love of taking lifestyle family photography.  I'm slowly branching out from shooting just families to also Women's photography.   "For You" was created to show women how much inner and outer beauty they behold, to prove to them that they too can be beautiful in front of the camera. 

Women's Photography Bayside Melbourne
Woman looking out window!
Bayside Women's "For You" Photographer
Woman climbing stairs B&W Photography
Melbourne Women's Photography "For You"
Woman looking out the window!

How to get Those Natural Smiles! | Children's Lifestyle Photography

You never know what to expect from kids on the day of your photo shoot.  At home they're adorable, laughing, beautiful natural smiles and then comes the day of the photo shoot, off goes the charm and they freeze in front of the camera!  Kids are unpredictable, we want to avoid the forced smiles so here's some things you can do:

Before I commence a photo shoot I try and get to know them, break the ice so to speak.  I'll ask them questions about their favourite movie, TV show, toy character, school, anything where they forget they’re in front of the camera.   I might even ask them to show me their room and what child doesn't love showing off their toys?  I then let them play....let them be themselves and not force them to smile or "Say Cheese" shots. 

I might ask them to tell me their favourite icecream flavour and suggest disgusting combinations like spaghetti sauce with chocolate sprinkles, you'd be amazed at flavour combinations kids can make up!  This always gets a natural laugh.  Try out a couple of jokes with them.  During the session, we can ask them to tell us a joke and this will typically loosen them up as they tell it to us.

If all else fails we might have to have the lollypops on standby!

Laughing child!
Beautiful child!
Natural child smile!

Crowns & Gowns Mini Sessions ..... | Children's Photography Melbourne

Watch Them Grow Photography is introducing "Crown & Gown" sessions....let your little girl's imagination run wild......

Photos from previous session below:

Photos from previous session below:

It was Melbourne Cup Day.....

It was Melbourne Cup day, all were Cup bound but we ventured to the other side of town for me to photograph this gorgeous family.  Their Mum and Dad built a brilliant cubby for the littlies and spent a lot of time fixing up the backyard for the photo shoot.  We had a ball, playing shop, blowing bubbles, sliding down the slide, having cups of tea and riding the cutest, red motorbike.  Thank you for such an enjoyable morning.


Day 315 (365)

Day 315 (365) Visiting Nan & Pop's yesterday Toby had a bit of a nasty fall and grazed his leg quite severely but it gave him the excuse to watch his favourite TV shows and be pampered by Nan.  Not only did he get a "Spider" (Lemonade & icecream) but a Mars Bar from Pop as well.