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Special Promotion! | Children's Fine Art Photography Melbourne

I'm so excited to introduce a day out at the beautiful Mont Du Soleil in Kallista, Dandenongs on Sunday, 25th September.   A special day for your Tween daughter.

I remember so vividly when I was in-between 9 - 12 years old, where you're not quite a child anymore but not yet a teenager.  A most confusing time as your childhood innocence is questioned by your peers, becoming more independent but still insecure, trying to fit in and find your identity. 

They're coming into their own, developing their own personalities, shaping their thoughts and feelings of who they will become in their adult life.  That awkwardness and self doubt though springs it's ugly head and friendships change as they question who they are. 

I've had some wonderful styled photo shoots with young girls, I love to make them feel special!  I work with them to discover their true selves and develop a photo shoot around their personality.  I will be bringing various outfits on the day for your daughter to choose from but work with her prior to the shoot to help her organise her outfit for her session.  I find that the Mums have just as good a time helping their daughters dress and work out their outfits too. 

After the shoot your photos will be loaded to an online gallery where you choose your 'Favourites' by two images which will be printed on beautiful archival art paper, A3 size which can be framed and hung on the wall.   A framed art piece that she will treasure in years to come.

Tween girl Promotion Mont Du Soleil

Children & Family Lifestyle Photographer Bayside, Melbourne

As if I am reaching for the stars,
outstretched arms, open and inviting.
Gentle smiles tell stories of lives and love,
the movements so enticing.
Smooth steps and turns, arms precise.
What a feeling, all those eyes and brightly colored lights.
I watch from the crowd and I see from the stage,
I yearn for the day when I can dance with such grace.
For now I simply practice and hope the curtain will raise,
And pour my heart out when dancing
and hope the music never dies.

by Cindijo Betrand

Little girl in Tutu!
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Black & White photo of little girl in tutu!
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Little girl playing with her cat!

Let's Investigate! | Children's Lifestyle Photographer Melbourne, Bayside

What looked like vacant, bushy land was actually a native reserve filled with all sorts of beautiful indigenous plants and trees in our local area.  I've driven past this spot so many times but decided to stop and have a look.  

Little Emma had such a great time (even in the rain), looking at all the flowering shrubs and tea tree!  Children love to investigate, everything is an adventure! 

Little girl on an adventure in shrub land!
Child walking through the bush!
Child sitting on a log in the bush!
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Child investigating all the native plants!
Child rugged up on a cold Autumn day!
Melbourne Family Portrait Photographer
Children's Lifestyle Photography Bayside
Little girl holding flowering shrubs from the native reserve!

How to choose a great location for your photo shoot! | Natural Family Photography Melbourne

Part of the fun for me being a 100% on location natural light family photographer is that my locations are constantly changing.

There are lot's of alternatives other than having the photo shoot in your home.  I have my ‘go-to’ locations or you can suggest something a little different for your shoot.  Location is important as it helps project who your family is at this time.  We all have our favourite places that we visit as a family which could either be the park or the beach or even a special destination that might take a while to drive too but you know your family is going to love it.  It then becomes more of any adventure, taking the emphasis off the photo shoot where children might be thinking that it's not going to be much fun!  

I had a great time going to my friend's suggestion of Toorongo Falls near Drouin in Gippsland.  What a beautiful place and worth the drive (even though we got slightly lost and missed the turn off on the freeway)!!

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Toorongo Falls in Gippsland
Little girl lying on rock - Famiy Photography
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"A Child's Tale" | Children's Photographer Bayside, Melbourne


(Karen Barnes)

Little girls are made of daisies and butterflies and soft kitty cat purrs and all the precious memories of times that once were.

Little girls are made of angel's wings and giggles and a firefly's glow and all the happy feelings deep inside that we all know.

Little girls are made of cinnamon and bubbles and fancy white pearls and snowflakes and rainbows and ballerina twirls.

Little girls are made of sunshine and cupcakes and fresh morning dew and these are the reasons little one, why everyone loves you.

Little Indian | Children's Photography Bayside, Melbourne

More from a previous "A Child's Tale" photo shoot....The oh so talented Ava loves craft making and with that made the most gorgeous Indian head dress which was the perfect prop for a "A Child's Tale" photo shoot.  Not only did Ava make her own Indian head dress but she decided to make me one as well.  I was so touched that she went to all the trouble of making one for me!  So clever, thank you so much!

Children love coming up with ideas for their own concept photo shoot.  Can't believe that my son who usually hates me taking his photo, wants to organise a "A Child's Tale" photo shoot so he can have his own special canvas/framed photo in his room.

Little Indian Girl!
A Child's Tale Concept Photography
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Concept Photography "A Child's Tale"
Little girl's shadow on rocks!
Beach Children's Photography
Indian face markings on little girl!
Children's Portrait Photographer
Concept Photographer
Childen's whimsical photography
Family Photographer Bayside
Child in the rushes!
Little girl's Indian head dress
Sunset on the little girl Indian
Sunset at "A Child's Tale" concept photo shoot
Little girl photographer
Child in the water with waves

Fun at the Park! | Family On Location Photographer Bayside, Melbourne

One of the perks of my job is meeting wonderful people and this family is one of those!  This was my second time capturing this beautiful bunch.  We had lot's of fun at the park with snuggles, laughs and giggles.  Here's a few of my favourites from the day.  Hope you enjoy your preview.... 

Young boy climbing!
Little girl in her own little world!
Little girl playing on see saw!
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Bayside Children's Photography
Family at park
Dad playing with his little girl
Mummy kisses
Little girl pondering!
Boy sitting in tunnel!
Child Photography Highett
Family fun on the see saw!

Her Dolly! | Children's Photographer Bayside, Melbourne

I will always remember my doll's names when I was a child.  The hours that I'd play with my pram and dolls was something I'll always look back on and treasure.  Dolls seemed so real and gave us a glimpse of who we wanted to be in our adult lives. 

Little girl and her favourite doll!
Girl playing with her dolly and pram!
Childhood Play
Child walking her toy pram!
Little girl playing with her pram!
Little girl says sshhh, Dolly asleep!
Little girl wanting to put her doll into pram but can't!
Sweet little girl!
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Sweet little girl smelling roses!
Gorgeous little three year old!