Freelensing, what is it? | Baby & Family Photography Melbourne

To make a technically good photo we're taught to always aim for strong focus in every shot but the creative side in me loves out of focus as it can evoke a feeling in it's own way. 

Focus, composition, and light are very important aspects to consider when taking a photo but sometimes you can break the rules.  One of those rules is called 'Freelensing'.  

Freelensing involves removing your lens from the camera and tilting it slightly which gives photos a very blurred, soft look.  To me Freelensing produces an almost dream like feel to the photos, a softness to the image giving it an impressionistic feel.  Photos can either have a select focus point or all out of focus.  It almost gives the photo a vintage feel, a little bit of mystery whereby the viewer can interpret their own story from the image. 

If you like this look let me know and I'll make sure to take a few images Freelensed during your photo session.

Freelensed image of a little girl!
Freelensed photo of a ballerina!
Stylised Teenager photo shoot!
Freelensed image of flower petals!

Melbourne Family Photographer | Project 52 "Freelensing"

Freelensing is a relatively inexpensive way of getting the similarly unique effect of an expensive tilt-shift lens, where the focus plane is thrown out of whack with the added bonus of natural light leaks.  I'm just starting my "Freelensing" journey and it's quite hard to do but I love the effect.  If you would like to know more about how to achieve this effect, just ask!