Foggy days

Photos in Winter | Family Lifestyle Photography Bayside, Melbourne

Winter is here and it's so nice hibernating inside in the warmth. Despite what people might think, Winter is a great time to take photos.  Often when the sun does shine you get very bright, crisp gorgeous light.

Although the days might be shorter, the relatively low directional sunlight means that the sun is never directly overhead. This means you can often shoot all day and not get unpleasant shadows from overhead light.

Cloudy days makes taking photos a lot easier because you don't have to worry about harsh shadows over the face or uneven light.  A lot of clouds produces beautiful, soft lighting.  Sure, it's great to take pictures when the sun is glowing and warm light is everywhere but soft diffused light is just as pretty in my opinion.   Foggy mornings give a real ethereal feel to photos or rugging up down the beach with the wind blowing gives a romantic feel.

So don't feel put off having photos taken in Winter and if all else fails we can always photograph your family indoors.

Pretty little girl!
Child playing with her dog!