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How to Prepare for Your Family Photo Shoot! | Bayside & Melbourne Natural Family Photographer

With the warmer weather almost upon us, you’re probably thinking about organising a family photo shoot but it seems quite daunting to get your family enthused about the whole idea.  Preparing for a family photo shoot should not bring on anxiety as I’m here to help you with any worries you might have. 

Prior to the photo shoot I’ll send you my Welcome document that gives you information about how I work, what to expect, what to wear and how to help your family have the best experience, making it a fun day out.   

I photograph Lifestyle, a natural form of photography that aims to capture the interactions you have with each other.  If the photo shoot is in your home don’t worry about having a perfect, spotless house.  This isn’t life…..I’m yet to go to a home that doesn’t feel lived in as this doesn’t tell a story about who your family really is.  I’m a Mum myself with 2 dogs and I hear you when I say it’s virtually impossible to have a pristine house.  Lifestyle photography gives you the freedom to relax and let go of perfection, no forced camera smiles and no forced poses!  I try to capture the essence of your children, that they’re perfect just the way they are. 

Family Lifestyle Photography Melbourne
Children having fun in the sand at the beach!

Make it more about the destination and experience than about the actual photo shoot.  In other words we can do this ??, do that ?? and we’ll also have a friend come along to take some photos of us to remember the day.  What child doesn’t love having their photo taken if they’re having a fun time?  

Natural Family Photography in Bayside Melbourne

Don’t fuss too much with the kids about what to wear.  If your kids are too dressed up they won’t relax and enjoy themselves and you’ll be anxious throughout the shoot that their clothes will get dirty.  If kids are having fun their clothes will get dirty but I work around this.    


Hungry kids aren’t always cooperative so it’s a good idea to have them fed and rested before the shoot.  Otherwise bring snacks with you to the shoot if the kids get hungry, biscuits, cheese, fruit, etc.

If all else fails, having a reward or special treat can work wonders.  I know we don’t want to pump our kids with sugar but the idea that they might receive an icecream or lolly afterwards can give us a bit more time to get those photos you're after.

Remember it's about capturing who your family is now, imperfection and all.  

Some Family Time! | Family Lifestyle Photography Melbourne

We ventured up to the most beautiful holiday spot at 90 Mile Beach, Paradise Beach these school holidays.  I treasure this family time as our son is growing so fast, just about to officially become a Teenager.   Water, sun, waves, birds, and togetherness.

90 Mile Beach, Paradise Beach
Children's Natural Photography Melbourne
Natural Family Photography Melbourne
Natural Family Photography Melbourne
My son who's about to become a teenager
Freelensed photo of my son at the beach
Melbourne Family Photographer
Black & White image of Teenager Boy
Tween photography Melbourne
Family time at the beach!
Tween Photography Melbourne
My son down at the 90 Mile Beach
Melbourne Lifestyle Children's Photographer
My son drying himself after swimming at the beach!
Teenage boy climbing the cliffs at the beach
Children's Lifestyle Photographer Melbourne
Cliff climbing at the beach!