Family Fun

Play Time at the Park! | Toddler & Family Lifestyle Photography Melbourne

Play Time at the Park! | Toddler & Family Lifestyle Photography Melbourne

Toddler and Family Fun at the park with 2 year old twin girls

Where's a great location for our photo shoot? | Natural Family Lifestyle Photography Melbourne

After you've booked your session I work with you to find the best location for your family photo shoot.  A place that you frequently visit where the children love to play to keep them occupied and have fun.  I love finding new locations and this particular park, Fairfield Park & Boat House by the Yarra River was just gorgeous.  Who would guess having lived in Melbourne all my life that there are still hidden gems to find! 

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Natural Family Photos Melbourne
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Natural Family Photography Melbourne
Mother and son
On location photo shoot at Fairfield Boat House
Family fun time at the park!
Children's Lifestyle Photography Bayside Melbourne
Family time at the park
Father and son time at the park
Natural Family Photographer Bayside Melbourne
Melbourne Lifestyle Family Photography
Natural Baby Photography Bayside Melbourne
Melbourne Lifestyle Baby Photography
Brotherly love!
Melbourne Family Photography
Child Lifestyle Photography Bayside Melbourne
Natural Family Photography Melbourne
Child and Family Photography Melbourne

How to Prepare for Your Family Photo Shoot! | Bayside & Melbourne Natural Family Photographer

With the warmer weather almost upon us, you’re probably thinking about organising a family photo shoot but it seems quite daunting to get your family enthused about the whole idea.  Preparing for a family photo shoot should not bring on anxiety as I’m here to help you with any worries you might have. 

Prior to the photo shoot I’ll send you my Welcome document that gives you information about how I work, what to expect, what to wear and how to help your family have the best experience, making it a fun day out.   

I photograph Lifestyle, a natural form of photography that aims to capture the interactions you have with each other.  If the photo shoot is in your home don’t worry about having a perfect, spotless house.  This isn’t life…..I’m yet to go to a home that doesn’t feel lived in as this doesn’t tell a story about who your family really is.  I’m a Mum myself with 2 dogs and I hear you when I say it’s virtually impossible to have a pristine house.  Lifestyle photography gives you the freedom to relax and let go of perfection, no forced camera smiles and no forced poses!  I try to capture the essence of your children, that they’re perfect just the way they are. 

Family Lifestyle Photography Melbourne
Children having fun in the sand at the beach!

Make it more about the destination and experience than about the actual photo shoot.  In other words we can do this ??, do that ?? and we’ll also have a friend come along to take some photos of us to remember the day.  What child doesn’t love having their photo taken if they’re having a fun time?  

Natural Family Photography in Bayside Melbourne

Don’t fuss too much with the kids about what to wear.  If your kids are too dressed up they won’t relax and enjoy themselves and you’ll be anxious throughout the shoot that their clothes will get dirty.  If kids are having fun their clothes will get dirty but I work around this.    


Hungry kids aren’t always cooperative so it’s a good idea to have them fed and rested before the shoot.  Otherwise bring snacks with you to the shoot if the kids get hungry, biscuits, cheese, fruit, etc.

If all else fails, having a reward or special treat can work wonders.  I know we don’t want to pump our kids with sugar but the idea that they might receive an icecream or lolly afterwards can give us a bit more time to get those photos you're after.

Remember it's about capturing who your family is now, imperfection and all.  

Winter Family Photos at the Beach! | Natural Family Photography Bayside, Melbourne

We couldn't have asked for better weather in the middle of Winter for this awesome family photo shoot.  Winter light is so soft and gorgeous, top that with the beach and you have a perfect location for a photo shoot.   Just because it's cold outside doesn't mean you should put off having photos taken. 

There is something so beautiful about the beach.  It instils peace and calmness, reduces stress, declutters the mind and can reduce feelings of depression.  They call this "Blue Space"!   The waves and the smells in the 'Blue Space' can clear you mind.  What better way to get the kids off electronics and get back to nature than down at the beach!

Family Lifestyle Photographer Bayside, Melbourne
Family Lifestyle Photography Melbourne
Family fun down at the beach!
Natural photos of Tween girls!
Lifestyle family photography Bayside Melbourne
Child Photography Melbourne
Child having fun playing in the sand down at the beach
Beautiful photo of Tween girl!
Kids playing down at the beach!
Young tween girl twirling!
Dream like image of young girl!
Children admiring a mural on side of brick wall
Children's Lifestyle Photography Melbourne
Natural child photography Bayside, Melbourne
Beautiful Tween girl photos!
Family Lifestyle Photographer Melbourne
kids having fun!
Tween photography Melbourne!
Tween girl photography Bayside, Melbourne
Family Photographer Bayside Melbourne
Family portrait photography on location
Beautiful backlit photo of young girl
Pure and simple photography of children and family
Young boy playing with a rock
Young boy playing with the seagulls at the beach
Tween portrait photography on location in Bayside, Melbourne
Young girl trying to feed the seagulls
Winter family photos down at the beach

Welcome Little Sister! | Family Lifestyle Photographer Bayside, Melbourne

Welcome Little Sister! | Family Lifestyle Photographer Bayside, Melbourne

Welcome little sister!

I like to call it non posing! | Family Lifestyle Photography Melbourne

I thought I'd write a post about how I pose or not pose family photography.  My aim is to create an environment in which families can connect and interact, not so much posing but natural, real moments.   

I do though have some "go to" poses that I use to help guide families so they relax in front of the camera and not feel at a loss as to what to do.  They  can include walking and holding hands, kids on shoulders, looking at each other, tickling each other, whispering secrets in their Mum or Dad's ear, sitting as close as can be together, laying down, Mum or Dad looking at their child up in the air, cheek to cheek, Mum with the kids, Dad with the kids, siblings playing, individual shots of the children. 

So as you can see there are a number of different 'poses' that don't involve the 'say cheese' shots looking at the camera.  The photos that you'll cherish are the ones where you are not concerned about the camera but the interaction and love you have for one another. 

Non posed family photography Melbourne
Natural family photography Melbourne
Dad playing with his daughter!
Family laying on ground looking up at the camera!
Siblings playing together
Mother playing with her children
Natural Family Photography Melbourne
Lifestyle Family Photography Melbourne
Melbourne Family Photographer
Bayside Family Photographer

Family Fun at the Park! | Natural Family Photography Bayside, Melbourne

When Karen rang me to book a photo session she asked if she could also bring their family dog Wilson.  I love including animals in family photo shoots as they are a huge part of the family as well.  Oh my gosh how cute are these children and Wilson the Beagle was such a trouper posing with the family.  Hope you enjoy your preview!

Natural Children's Photographer Melbourne
Toddler and baby brother at the park!
Family Photography Melbourne
Mother and Child playing at the park!
Father and daughter hugs!
Natural Baby Photography Melbourne
Melbourne Lifestyle Family Photographer
Big sister loves her little brother!
Family Photographer Bayside, Melbourne
Family fun at the park!
Family fun with Dad!
7 month old baby boy!
Child Portrait Photographer Melbourne
Family Photographer Bayside, Melbourne
Family snuggles!
Natural Family Photos Melbourne
Child Photographer Bayside
Family Photos Bayside, Melbourne
Natural Baby Photography Bayside, Melbourne
Family time at the park!
Fine Art Photography of Children in Melbourne
Family Play time at the park
Lifestyle Photography of Families Bayside
Natural Family Photos Bayside
Melbourne Family & Child Photography
Fine Art Photography of Children

Some Family Time! | Family Lifestyle Photography Melbourne

We ventured up to the most beautiful holiday spot at 90 Mile Beach, Paradise Beach these school holidays.  I treasure this family time as our son is growing so fast, just about to officially become a Teenager.   Water, sun, waves, birds, and togetherness.

90 Mile Beach, Paradise Beach
Children's Natural Photography Melbourne
Natural Family Photography Melbourne
Natural Family Photography Melbourne
My son who's about to become a teenager
Freelensed photo of my son at the beach
Melbourne Family Photographer
Black & White image of Teenager Boy
Tween photography Melbourne
Family time at the beach!
Tween Photography Melbourne
My son down at the 90 Mile Beach
Melbourne Lifestyle Children's Photographer
My son drying himself after swimming at the beach!
Teenage boy climbing the cliffs at the beach
Children's Lifestyle Photographer Melbourne
Cliff climbing at the beach!

Toddler Fun! | Natural Baby Photography Bayside, Melbourne

When Ebony phoned and booked a photography session for her new baby, she was a little worried that we might not be able to get some good shots of her 20 month old boy Hudson as he can't sit still.  I love photographing toddlers, get them playing and having fun that's when the natural smiles happen.  How cute is he?

Natural Toddler Photography Bayside, Melbourne
Natural Baby Photography Melbourne
Toddler playing peek a boo!
Toddler play time!
Brother and sister cuddles!
Natural Family Photography Melbourne
Toddler tickles from Mum!
Toddler playing on parent's bed
Natural Toddler Photography Melbourne
Melbourne Family Photographer
Natural Family Photography Bayside, Melbourne
Lifestyle Family Photography Melbourne
Toddler fun on Mum and Dad's bed

Family Spring Sessions! | Natural Family Photography Melbourne

My friend's daughter always jumps at the chance to have a photo session with me and now that Spring has arrived we thought we'd show you how Spring is such a glorious time for family photography!

When preparing for your session wear layers - t-shirt, cardigan, scarf, etc. so each family member can peel off, or add, as they see fit and remain comfortable throughout the shoot.  Spring is a bit finicky where the weather can change especially here in Melbourne.

I will liaise with you about a great location, maybe your local park (all those buds popping up from the ground), beach or anywhere that's special to your family. 

Time is right.  Book in now or you may miss out on those Spring buds. 

Spring time Family photo shoot!
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Natural Children's Photography Melbourne
On location Family Photography Sessions!
Melbourne Children's Photography
Natural Family Photographer Bayside, Melbourne
Little girl with Spring blossoms!
Little girl playing with the Spring blossoms!
Melbourne Natural Children's Photography
Natural family photos Melbourne
Lifestyle Family Photographer Melbourne

Down by the Wharf! | Family Lifestyle Photography Melbourne

What better way to spend a leisurely family afternoon than checking out some location ideas for photo shoots.  This place is gorgeous down at the wharf , Princes Pier, Port Melbourne.  The things I ask my family to do???

Family Lifestyle Photography Melbourne
On Location Lifestyle Photography Melbourne
Princes Pier, Port Melbourne Family Photos
Lifestyle Family Photography Melbourne
Shooting through glass at Princes Pier, Port Melbourne
My family photos!
Family afternoon outing!
My boy!
A dog we met at Princes Pier, Port Melbourne
Melbourne Family Lifestyle Photographer

The life of a Toddler! | Children's Lifestyle Photography Melbourne

There's just so much to do in a day of the life of a toddler!  Little Oliver couldn't wait to show me his room and his toys (and sorry Mum for me asking him to jump on his bed)!!  The cutest!!

Toddler and Children's Photography Melbourne

Fun at the Park! | Family Lifestyle Photography Bayside, Melbourne

It might be cold here at the moment but when the sun comes out what better place to have a family photo shoot than down at the local park playing with the ducks, looking for fairies and playing on the swings.  

Family Lifestyle Photographer
Mum & Daughter photo!
Children's Photography Melbourne
Children's Lifestyle Photographer Bayside, Melbourne
Family fun at the park!
Child feeding the ducks!
Melbourne Family Photography
Child playing at the park!
Melbourne Children's Photography
Family playing on the swings at the park!
Child playing on the swings!
Where are the fairies?
Children's Photography Bayside, Melbourne
Family photo at the park!

How to obtain those genuine emotions in a Family Shoot | Lifestyle Family Photography Melbourne

I'm sure we've all been there.....Mum has organised a professional photo shoot, spent hours organising outfits and reiterating to their family to give lot's of smiles and behave on the day of the shoot.  I totally I get it, you want the photographer to capture them at their best but sometimes there will be one child that won't be cooperative on the day!  Most Dads aren't particularly too keen either (sorry Dads)!  The stress of trying to get everybody ready and meet the photographer on time, once you get there you're stressed and all everyone can think of is getting it over with before someone loses it. 

I like to ask lot's of questions prior to the photo shoot to get to know each of your family members and to help them relax and have fun during the shoot.  It's okay if one child doesn't want to have their picture taken, don't stress as once they see the other members of your family having fun, they want to be included as well.  They will come round!

My aim is to capture the interaction and love you have for one another.  Hug them, laugh with them, tickle them, whisper silly things in their ears, throw them in the air and play with them so they see that this is more of a play date with Mum and Dad, not a photo shoot where they can't relax and be themselves.  This is your know them, you love them how you feel and those gorgeous interacting photos will happen.

Family fun at Brighton Beach!
Family time digging in the sand!
Family Photography Melbourne




Summer Photo Opportunities | Family Lifestyle Photography Bayside, Melbourne

Summer is almost here, well officially and I thought I'd suggest some different activities for your family photo sessions.  When you think of having a family shoot you picture slightly more posed shots and everyone looking their best.  To really capture the essence of who your family is, it's great to organise a few activities not only to keep the children entertained but give a more relaxed feel to your photos and really bring out those natural smiles.  Some ideas are:

Photograph your family playing in the Sprinkler

Yep, you guessed it, bathers, water, plastic toys, wet hair, chasing each other with the hose, all out fun!  The children will be having so much fun (and so will you) that they won't even notice the camera. 

Boy playing with the hose!

Head to the beach

We can take photos of your kids building sandcastles, jumping waves, giggling, burying themselves in the sand, etc.  The list is endless!

Little toddler carrying bucket of water at the beach!
Toddler kicking the ball at the beach!
Father and son at the beach
Little boy kicking the water at the beach!

Picnic at your local park

Load up the kids with a picnic lunch, throw in your picnic blanket and have a play date at your nearby park.  There's so many great parks around that also have lakes with ducks and play equipment to keep the kids entertained for hours.

Mum playing the her kids!
Toddler playing at the park!

Don't worry about if the kids getting wet, as long as they don't get a chill, let them have a ball jumping in puddles and even playing in some mud.  I love these photo opportunities.  These are the memories that they and you will cherish from their childhood. 

Toddler covered in mud!