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Styled Tween Photo Shoot! | Melbourne Child Fine Art Photography

Styled Tween Photo Shoot! | Melbourne Child Fine Art Photography

Make your daughter feel special with a Tween Styled Photo Shoot!

Sisters! | Family& Children's Lifestyle Photography Bayside Melbourne

Sisters! | Family& Children's Lifestyle Photography Bayside Melbourne

Sister Love!

Mont Du Soleil Mini Shoots! | Tween Fine Art Photography Melbourne

Introducing beautiful Charlotte photographed at the exquisite Mont Du Soleil location.  Her Mum purchased a mini photo session for Charlotte's birthday and she had so much fun deciding which dresses she was going to wear (and I think Mum did too)! 

Tween girl mini photo shoot!
Tween girl dancing in her own little world!
Tween Mini Photo Shoots at Mont Du Soleil!
Reflection of beautiful girl in the mirror!
Natural Children's Photography Melbourne
Young girl playing piano!
Young tween girl painting!
Children's Fine Art Photographer Melbourne
Melbourne Fine Art Photographer of Children
Tween Fine Art Photography at Mont Du Soleil
Mini Tween Photo Shoot
Tween girl mini shoots by Watch Them Grow Photography
Beautiful Tween girl!
Autumn leaves at the Tween Fine Art Mini Shoot

Makings of a Portrait!| Natural Family Photographer Bayside, Melbourne

It was a warm, lazy afternoon at our house.   Our son was playing on his Playstation, my husband was out in the garden and I started to think of how photographing family portraits can vary.  You have the traditional family portrait where everyone is smiling and posing at the camera or a more candid approach showing the interaction between you.

Sometimes posed photos can look posed and unnatural.  Some people don't look good in a posed environment, choosing a more candid approach reveals more of their true selves, their personality. 

 I bribed my son to let me take his photo (more time on the Playstation) and told him to stand by the wall and look at me.  First shot a conventional looking straight at the camera (non smiling as he's just become a teenager)!  From there I Freelensed (removing the lens from the camera and tilting to give the photo a soft bokeh)!  Portraits can be taken from different perspectives, looking down, looking up, looking off camera, it's how the photographer interprets their own unique style. 

My portrait style is "Lifestyle", a more natural, unposed way of photographing your family.  It's so hard to try and pose children as they find it difficult to sit still.  I prefer them playing, having fun.  This is where you get the natural smiles and personalities shine through.  Even Mum and Dad relax more if they're not trying to make their children give the perfect smile and pose.

If you're thinking of booking a family session, consider more natural, candid photography of your family.


Brother & Sister! | Children's Fine Art Photography Melbourne

More from beautiful Mont Du Soleil Mini Photo Shoots last November.  Both brother and sister loved being photographed in this glorious setting.  If you're interested in a similar photo shoot for your child or Tween I will be hosting more this coming Autumn. 

Children's Fine Art Photography Melbourne
Fine Art Photography of Children at Mont Du Soleil
Tween boy photography Melbourne
Sibling photography Melbourne
Black and White image of young girl out in the rain
Children playing on gypsy cart at Mont Du Soleil
Young girl photographed in barn at Mont Du Soleil
Photo of tween boy at Mont Du Soleil
Fine Art Children's Photography at Mont Du Soleil
Young girl dancing at the beautiful Mont Du Soleil
Children's Portrait Photography Melbourne
Freelensed image of tween boy
Natural Family Photography Melbourne
Dancing girl with vintage umbrella
Children's Portrait Photographer Melbourne
Child photographed holding vintage umbrella
Black and White image of young girl dancing with her umbrella

Anna at Mont Du Soleil - Tween Fine Art Photography Melbourne

More photos from Mont Du Soleil Mini Photo Shoots back in November last year.  Introducing the beautiful Anna!

Childrens Natural Photography Melbourne
Tween Fine Art Photography Melbourne
Tween Portrait Photography Melbourne
Tween girl dancing!
Tween girl looking at bird in the birdcage!
Children's Lifestyle Photography Melbourne
Tween & Teenager Fine Art Photography Melbourne
Mini Tween Girl Photo Shoot at Mont Du Soleil
Stunning Tween Photography Melbourne
Black & White Portrait of Tween Girl
Tween girls portrait photo at Mont Du Soleil

Family Spring Sessions! | Natural Family Photography Melbourne

My friend's daughter always jumps at the chance to have a photo session with me and now that Spring has arrived we thought we'd show you how Spring is such a glorious time for family photography!

When preparing for your session wear layers - t-shirt, cardigan, scarf, etc. so each family member can peel off, or add, as they see fit and remain comfortable throughout the shoot.  Spring is a bit finicky where the weather can change especially here in Melbourne.

I will liaise with you about a great location, maybe your local park (all those buds popping up from the ground), beach or anywhere that's special to your family. 

Time is right.  Book in now or you may miss out on those Spring buds. 

Spring time Family photo shoot!
Natural Family Photography Melbourne
Natural Children's Photography Melbourne
On location Family Photography Sessions!
Melbourne Children's Photography
Natural Family Photographer Bayside, Melbourne
Little girl with Spring blossoms!
Little girl playing with the Spring blossoms!
Melbourne Natural Children's Photography
Natural family photos Melbourne
Lifestyle Family Photographer Melbourne

Special Promotion! | Children's Fine Art Photography Melbourne

I'm so excited to introduce a day out at the beautiful Mont Du Soleil in Kallista, Dandenongs on Sunday, 25th September.   A special day for your Tween daughter.

I remember so vividly when I was in-between 9 - 12 years old, where you're not quite a child anymore but not yet a teenager.  A most confusing time as your childhood innocence is questioned by your peers, becoming more independent but still insecure, trying to fit in and find your identity. 

They're coming into their own, developing their own personalities, shaping their thoughts and feelings of who they will become in their adult life.  That awkwardness and self doubt though springs it's ugly head and friendships change as they question who they are. 

I've had some wonderful styled photo shoots with young girls, I love to make them feel special!  I work with them to discover their true selves and develop a photo shoot around their personality.  I will be bringing various outfits on the day for your daughter to choose from but work with her prior to the shoot to help her organise her outfit for her session.  I find that the Mums have just as good a time helping their daughters dress and work out their outfits too. 

After the shoot your photos will be loaded to an online gallery where you choose your 'Favourites' by two images which will be printed on beautiful archival art paper, A3 size which can be framed and hung on the wall.   A framed art piece that she will treasure in years to come.

Tween girl Promotion Mont Du Soleil

The life of a Toddler! | Children's Lifestyle Photography Melbourne

There's just so much to do in a day of the life of a toddler!  Little Oliver couldn't wait to show me his room and his toys (and sorry Mum for me asking him to jump on his bed)!!  The cutest!!

Toddler and Children's Photography Melbourne

My Boys! | Family Lifestyle Photographer Bayside, Melbourne

Dusting off the cobwebs from the archives, I stumbled across these images of my two favourite boys!  One of my favourite things to do is to look through the old photos and see how much my family has changed and grown. 

My Boys!

A Letter to my Son! | Children's Portrait Photographer Melbourne

My son!

You're not so little anymore and seems like this has happened overnight.  I still remember you as a baby, so little, cuddled up next to me when you were born.  It was the day I treasure, the day I met you and I became a Mum.   I know I can't always be there for you and see and share with you the things you are yet to do but I'm always with you and hope I've taught you well. 

You've lost your childish grin and looking more and more like a teenager before my eyes...yes a teenager!    The coming years will sometimes seem confusing, your emotions running high and insecurity about your friends, school work, etc. but this is you growing into the man you're going to be.  You can do anything you set your mind too.  Keep that determination you have, it's finding your passion and working towards it.  I believe you are destined for so many great things in this world, be you and follow your dreams.  You have a kind heart, a loyal heart, intelligent, caring and oh so handsome...which scares me a bit as the girls will be chasing you soon....not too soon I hope! 

Always remember I'm here for you and love you with all my heart, never forget that!  

Luv Mumxxx