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All You Boy Mummas out there!! | Melbourne Children's Lifestyle Photographer

I'm one of four children and the only girl!  Surrounded by boys my whole life, I knew that when I had a child they would more than likely be a boy. 

I've been blessed to have our son.  Many of the lessons he has taught me in life, has also taught me how to capture boys with my camera.  With children, it's important to keep them occupied and having fun during a photo shoot as this produces the most natural smiles and expressions.  Boys move fast and are totally spontaneous, you never have warning about something hilarious they're about to do.  Boys are loud, messy and are always willing to try anything unusual.   I try to immense myself in the moment, always on the lookout.  You can though set up a scenario and watch intently as it unfolds.  Here's a list of a few ideas:

- Put a sprinkler under the trampoline or a heap of plastic balls on the trampoline as they're jumping around.

- Chasing each other with water balloons or water spray pistols

- Bubble machine

- Make a mud pit for them

- Sandpit

-  Face painting

- Playing their favourite ball game

- Shooting hoops

Dirty feet, scrapes on the knees, dirt under the fingernails, that all screams boyhood, these are the moments that you need to capture!

Children's Photography Melbourne
Child Lifestyle Photography Bayside Melbourne
Family Lifestyle Photography Melbourne
Young boy chasing a large bubble!
Boys riding their bikes!
Boys and their toys!
Boys playing hide and seek at the playground in Bayside
Lifestyle Children's Photography Bayside Melbourne
Natural Family Photography on location Melbourne
Children's natural lifestyle photographer Melbourne
Boys playing in the cliffs at Sandringham beach
Lifestyle photography of boys in Bayside Melbourne

Winter Family Photos at the Beach! | Natural Family Photography Bayside, Melbourne

We couldn't have asked for better weather in the middle of Winter for this awesome family photo shoot.  Winter light is so soft and gorgeous, top that with the beach and you have a perfect location for a photo shoot.   Just because it's cold outside doesn't mean you should put off having photos taken. 

There is something so beautiful about the beach.  It instils peace and calmness, reduces stress, declutters the mind and can reduce feelings of depression.  They call this "Blue Space"!   The waves and the smells in the 'Blue Space' can clear you mind.  What better way to get the kids off electronics and get back to nature than down at the beach!

Family Lifestyle Photographer Bayside, Melbourne
Family Lifestyle Photography Melbourne
Family fun down at the beach!
Natural photos of Tween girls!
Lifestyle family photography Bayside Melbourne
Child Photography Melbourne
Child having fun playing in the sand down at the beach
Beautiful photo of Tween girl!
Kids playing down at the beach!
Young tween girl twirling!
Dream like image of young girl!
Children admiring a mural on side of brick wall
Children's Lifestyle Photography Melbourne
Natural child photography Bayside, Melbourne
Beautiful Tween girl photos!
Family Lifestyle Photographer Melbourne
kids having fun!
Tween photography Melbourne!
Tween girl photography Bayside, Melbourne
Family Photographer Bayside Melbourne
Family portrait photography on location
Beautiful backlit photo of young girl
Pure and simple photography of children and family
Young boy playing with a rock
Young boy playing with the seagulls at the beach
Tween portrait photography on location in Bayside, Melbourne
Young girl trying to feed the seagulls
Winter family photos down at the beach

Photos to take of your kids before they grow up! / Children's Lifestyle Photography Melbourne

If you're like me, you don't notice your children growing up right before your eyes as you see them every day!  I was lucky that I purchased my first digital camera when Toby was 3 years old which gave me the opportunity to take countless photos of him without having to worry about the expense of printing them all.  Before that though I shot film and was very conscious of what I was photographing and missed a lot of those moments that I wished I had taken.   

There are lots of little things that you don't recognise now as being important to capture but in years to come they will be the main photos that you'll treasure.  Here's a list of photos that you should try to take before they grow too fast!!

Toys and hobbies at each stage of their development (e.g. Lego, Barbie, Thomas The Tank Engine), favourite toy, nursing or bottle feeding, teddies or favourite blankie, sleeping, playing in the mud and puddles, bath time, dressing up, learning to ride a bike, jumping on the trampoline, the simple things - daydreaming, belly laughing, experiencing the rain on their tongue for the first time, first day of Kindergarten & school, homework, blowing bubbles, playing at the park, playing in their first sports game, playing with new friends, dancing, kidding around or the faces they pull, reading, chores, first time at the movies, experiencing a food for the first time (with Toby it was icecream), fun at the beach, visiting the zoo, with their pets, playing different sports, family outings, the list is endless!!

Photos to take of your children before they grow up!



Red Hat! | Toddler Lifestyle Photography

Oh that red baseball cap

I snuck it

It fitted right on my head

Something about a red baseball cap

But Dad said I had to give it back!!!!

Toddler Lifestlye Photography Melbourne
Children's Lifestyle Photographer Melbourne
Family Lifestyle Photography Melbourne
My family photos!
Melbourne Children's Lifestyle Photography
Melbourne Family Lifestyle Photography
Natural Childrens Photography Melbourne
Natural family photos Melbourne
Natural family photos Melbourne

Fun at the Park! | Family Lifestyle Photography Bayside, Melbourne

It might be cold here at the moment but when the sun comes out what better place to have a family photo shoot than down at the local park playing with the ducks, looking for fairies and playing on the swings.  

Family Lifestyle Photographer
Mum & Daughter photo!
Children's Photography Melbourne
Children's Lifestyle Photographer Bayside, Melbourne
Family fun at the park!
Child feeding the ducks!
Melbourne Family Photography
Child playing at the park!
Melbourne Children's Photography
Family playing on the swings at the park!
Child playing on the swings!
Where are the fairies?
Children's Photography Bayside, Melbourne
Family photo at the park!

The Memories come flooding back.... | Toddler Photography Melbourne

Searching through old photos, I came across some that I took at my son Toby's local playgroup
8 years ago. Oh, the memories! To think he was once this little toddler! Coincidentally, this is where Watch Them Grow Photography started. Thought I'd share some of them with you -

Toddler on bike!
Toddler in Cubby House!
Little boy in cubby!
Little girl looking through the pram!
Little girl in toy car!
Little boy!

Forget to print your photos? | Family Photography Melbourne


 I’ve always loved photography going way back to using 35mm film.  Remember when you were young and film was developed at the Chemist or local photo shop and how excited we were to pick up your photos and look at a printed photo?  We couldn’t wait to put them in our photo albums and even now, how much we love looking back at our photos and the memories they share?  The computer just doesn’t have the same effect.  I believe photos you hold in your hands are so much more valuable than digital versions. 

 I’m just as bad, I keep telling myself that I must print my personal photos that are stuck on my hard drive on my computer.  It’s so easy to think I must get around to it but the more you put off having them printed, they accumulate and it becomes a momentous task!    

The digital age is here.  The ability to share your photos with family all over the world is amazing.  The scary part is that hard drives aren’t reliable and have parts that eventually fail, so what next?  Technology is always changing and the devices that we use now will probably be redundant in years to come.  Photographs gain value over time so it’s imperative that we print our photos now to make sure that we’ll have them to show for future generations. 

See the following article:

I include prints in every package I offer.  I’m all inclusive right now, so everyone gets digital photos on a USB drive, as well as 6 x 4” fine art archival prints of their selected photos.  Archival paper is referred to as ‘Museum grade’, made of cotton and highly resistant to ageing and deterioration over time.  Archival paper is acid free and lignin free, in other words the paper is less likely to yellow and deteriorate.  Of course I also offer larger print sizes, fine art and coffee albums and mount boards all printed on archival photo paper. 

Digital images are wonderful for sharing online but having a tangible print in a beautiful album is an heirloom to be handed down through the generations.

Family/Maternity photos


Twins out Loud! | Children's Lifestyle Photography Melbourne

Not only do I love photography but I also love home decorating.  So I can't tell you how excited I was to discover a recycled furniture warehouse called Mulbury.  They have the most unusual pieces including industrial and recycled timber furniture.  They so kindly offered for me to use a ship's horn for a little shoot I did of the cutest twin boys.   Go check out their site at -

Twin boys

It's Been a Wonderful Year | Melbourne Family Photography

To all the precious newborns, babies, children, and families that I've photographed during 2014, thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting me and helping me do what I love so much.   Cheers to 2015! 

Time goes so fast .... | Baby Photography Melbourne

I just love watching them grow, watching them grow from newborn into little people and here's the most adorable little one at 10 months.   Watch out Mum he's nearly walking.....

Panton Hill Winery Visit | Melbourne Family & Children's Photography

One of the perks of my job is meeting wonderful people! I photographed this family last year and since they've added a new addition to the family, congratulations!   We travelled to the stunning Panton Hill Winery in the Yarra Valley as our backdrop as it's a favourite location for my client.  Hope you enjoy your preview!

109 B&W.jpg