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Beautiful Girls! | Melbourne Natural Family Photography

Beautiful Girls! | Melbourne Natural Family Photography

Sisters Styled Family Photo Shoot at the beach!

Play Time at the Park! | Toddler & Family Lifestyle Photography Melbourne

Play Time at the Park! | Toddler & Family Lifestyle Photography Melbourne

Toddler and Family Fun at the park with 2 year old twin girls

3 Month Old Baby Brother! | Children & Baby Natural Photography Melbourne

What a delight it was meeting this family.  Natural, simple photography in your home.  This family have welcomed a beautiful baby boy who is now 3 months old and has the cutest grin.  Little 'P' loves being a big sister and loved showing me her room and toys.  I try to keep photo shoots simple only using your props in your home that makes it real to who you are now.  Here's a small peek....

Big Sister kissing her little brother!
Natural Baby Photography Melbourne
Melbourne Lifestyle Baby & Family Photographer
Natural Children's Photography Melbourne
Melbourne Family Lifestyle Photography
Natural Children's Photography Melbourne
On Location Natural Family Photography Melbourne
Baby Boy!
Child Lifestyle Photography Melbourne
Mother's love for her little baby boy!
Family and Baby Photography Melbourne
Natural Baby Photography Bayside Melbourne
Little girl playing with her balloon!
Gorgeous family photography Melbourne
Baby & Family Portrait Photography Melbourne
Lifestyle Family Portrait Photographer Melbourne
Lifestyle Baby Photography Bayside, Melbourne
On Location Family & Baby Photography Bayside Melbourne
3 month old baby boy
968 B&W.jpg
Lifestyle Child Photography Melbourne
Little girl playing with her toy kitchen
Baby Lifestyle Photography Melbourne
Little girl playing peek-a-boo on the staircase



Mont Du Soleil Mini Shoots! | Tween Fine Art Photography Melbourne

Introducing beautiful Charlotte photographed at the exquisite Mont Du Soleil location.  Her Mum purchased a mini photo session for Charlotte's birthday and she had so much fun deciding which dresses she was going to wear (and I think Mum did too)! 

Tween girl mini photo shoot!
Tween girl dancing in her own little world!
Tween Mini Photo Shoots at Mont Du Soleil!
Reflection of beautiful girl in the mirror!
Natural Children's Photography Melbourne
Young girl playing piano!
Young tween girl painting!
Children's Fine Art Photographer Melbourne
Melbourne Fine Art Photographer of Children
Tween Fine Art Photography at Mont Du Soleil
Mini Tween Photo Shoot
Tween girl mini shoots by Watch Them Grow Photography
Beautiful Tween girl!
Autumn leaves at the Tween Fine Art Mini Shoot

'LOVE' | Beautiful Natural Family Photography in Bayside, Melbourne

This might sound a bit mushy but my post today is about 'LOVE'!  Love is what makes the world go around and is the main reason we take photos.  Photos that show the love that we have for one another, love of your family,  love of landscapes, love of animals, love of the world around us, it's there and we want to capture it!  It surrounds us everyday in everything that we do.  




I'm 2!!! | Natural Toddler Photography Melbourne

Isn't she the cutest????   Her Mum's best friend purchased a Watch Them Grow Photography Gift Voucher for this little toddler's 2nd birthday.  Here's a little preview:

Toddler watering the garden with her Dad!
Natural Family Photography Melbourne
Toddler play!
Toddler lifestyle photography Melbourne
Toddler playing in her tee pee!
Melbourne Natural Children's Photography
Toddler playing with her stickers
Toddler lifestyle photography Melbourne
Lifestyle Family Photographer Melbourne
Toddler and Children's photography melbourne
Toddler playing in Mum & Dad's bed
Toddler pretending to go to sleep in her cot
Toddler jumping in her cot!
Big headphones on little toddler!
Little Toddler sitting in a big chair
Toddler reading time!
Melbourne Natural Family Photography
Toddler running up the hallway!

That Smile!!! | Toddler & Children's Photography Bayside, Melbourne

My first blog post for 2017, Happy New Year!   I had the pleasure of photographing a nearly one year old toddler, meet Seoirsa (pronounced: Seersha).   Isn't she the most gorgeous, little one and oh that smile could make anyone melt!

Her Mum and Dad didn't organise newborn photos and decided as a Christmas present to themselves, they'd have a professional photo shoot of Seoirsa about to turn 1.    I so love photographing this age, the expressions, the personalities, the cutest!!

Toddler Photography Bayside, Melbourne
Melbourne Toddler Photography
Baby Photography Melbourne Bayside
Melbourne Natural Baby Photography
Natural Toddler Photography Melbourne
Dad cuddling his little toddler!
Melbourne Lifestyle Baby Photography
Toddler learning to walk!
Children's Natural Photography Melbourne
Baby playing in her cot!
Natural On Location Baby Photography Melbourne
Melbourne Family Lifestyle Photography
Smiling toddler in her cot!
Toddler playing peek a boo!
Toddler dancing in her cot!
Melbourne Natural Family Photography
Natural baby photography in Melbourne
Melbourne Family Lifestyle Photography
Photo of family blowing bubbles with their Toddler!
Toddler expressions!
Natural Family On Location Portraiture
Toddler playing in her backyard!
Mum giving her toddler a kiss!
Family Lifestyle Photography
Dad and baby daughter looking out window!
Baby toddler trying to get her Mum's hat!
Family and Children's Lifestyle Photographer Bayside, Melbourne

Cutest little Toddler! | Family Photographer Bayside, Melbourne

This little one was an absolute delight!  Her Mum booked a newborn photo session and I couldn't help but feature this little munchkin in her own blog post, I mean look at those curls and blue eyes!  She was all smiles and so much fun, rolling around on the bed, playing with her jewellery box, cuddling her favourite teddy and watching her favourite show on TV.  I love photographing toddlers!!  Don't ever expect a toddler to sit still and smile.......let them have fun and play!

Natural Toddler Photography Melbourne
Little toddler jumping on the bed!
Toddler playing with her tiny toes!
Children's Photography Melbourne
Family Lifestyle Photography Bayside
Natural Toddler Photographer Melbourne
Children's natural photography Bayside, Melbourne
Photography of toddler playing with her jewellery box
Toddler photographer Bayside, Melbourne
Sleepy time for tiny toddler!
Toddler cuddling her teddy!
Melbourne Natural Children's Portrait Photographer
Cutest toddler playing on the couch!
Melbourne Natural Family Photography

Happy Holidays from Watch Them Grow Photography | Natural Family Photographer Melbourne

Watch Them Grow Photography has grown in leaps and bounds this year, welcoming so many new clients and catching up with older clients.  Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for allowing me into your homes and to capture your precious memories for you. 

Much love to all and I hope you have the most wonderful holidays and New Year! xxx

P.S. A little pressie for my clients.......

WTG Chrissy Card.jpg

Family Spring Sessions! | Natural Family Photography Melbourne

My friend's daughter always jumps at the chance to have a photo session with me and now that Spring has arrived we thought we'd show you how Spring is such a glorious time for family photography!

When preparing for your session wear layers - t-shirt, cardigan, scarf, etc. so each family member can peel off, or add, as they see fit and remain comfortable throughout the shoot.  Spring is a bit finicky where the weather can change especially here in Melbourne.

I will liaise with you about a great location, maybe your local park (all those buds popping up from the ground), beach or anywhere that's special to your family. 

Time is right.  Book in now or you may miss out on those Spring buds. 

Spring time Family photo shoot!
Natural Family Photography Melbourne
Natural Children's Photography Melbourne
On location Family Photography Sessions!
Melbourne Children's Photography
Natural Family Photographer Bayside, Melbourne
Little girl with Spring blossoms!
Little girl playing with the Spring blossoms!
Melbourne Natural Children's Photography
Natural family photos Melbourne
Lifestyle Family Photographer Melbourne