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My friend and I went shopping last week and ended up in an Opportunity shop as I'm always on the search for clothing for Tween and Teenager photo shoots.   I'm building up quite a collection that I will bring with me to Mont Du Soleil Tween Mini Shoots on October 4th.  The girls have a ball trying on outfits and accessories (I think Mum does too)! 

We found the most gorgeous skirt, frill and lace and very girlie!  I just couldn't wait to use it, so an impromptu photo shoot was organised with my friend's daughter down at the beach!   We literally had 10 mins. before the sun went down on a very cloudy, overcast day but I think we managed to obtain some gorgeous shots.

Spots are still available for the Mini Tween Photo Shoots at the exquisite Mont Du Soleil in the Dandenongs.  A beautiful bonding experience with your daughter.  To obtain more info or to make a booking ring Jenn on 0400 841627.  

Tween Portrait Photography Melbourne
Tween girl twirling down at the beach
Tween girl walking in the water down at the beach
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Natural Children's Photography Bayside Melbourne
Children's Lifestyle Photographer Bayside Melbourne
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Bayside Child Lifestyle Photography Melbourne
Young Tween Girl flicking her hair!
Young Tween girl walking along the Bayside beach
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Natural Child Photography Bayside Melbourne
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Tween Mini Shoots at Mont Du Soleil

Little Indian | Children's Photography Bayside, Melbourne

More from a previous "A Child's Tale" photo shoot....The oh so talented Ava loves craft making and with that made the most gorgeous Indian head dress which was the perfect prop for a "A Child's Tale" photo shoot.  Not only did Ava make her own Indian head dress but she decided to make me one as well.  I was so touched that she went to all the trouble of making one for me!  So clever, thank you so much!

Children love coming up with ideas for their own concept photo shoot.  Can't believe that my son who usually hates me taking his photo, wants to organise a "A Child's Tale" photo shoot so he can have his own special canvas/framed photo in his room.

Little Indian Girl!
A Child's Tale Concept Photography
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Concept Photography "A Child's Tale"
Little girl's shadow on rocks!
Beach Children's Photography
Indian face markings on little girl!
Children's Portrait Photographer
Concept Photographer
Childen's whimsical photography
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Child in the rushes!
Little girl's Indian head dress
Sunset on the little girl Indian
Sunset at "A Child's Tale" concept photo shoot
Little girl photographer
Child in the water with waves

An Evenings Sunset | Family Photographer Bayside Melbourne

“May your love for me be like the scent of the evening sea drifting in through a quiet window so I do not have to run or chase or feel you all I have to do is breathe.”

Sanober Khan

Memories are made of the family down the beach on a Summer's evening.  My son is growing up so quickly and soon those trips down the beach will be a memory but for now I'm making the most of it!

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Child swimming under pier - Children's Photography Melbourne
Children's Photography Bayside, Melbourne
Child with Seagulls - Family Photographer Bayside, Melbourne
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"A Child's Tale" | Children's Photography Bayside Melbourne

I love it when clients ask to organise a more concept shoot of their children.  I get so excited as it brings out my creative ideas!  A photo shoot that captures who their child is at a particular stage of their life!   Introducing "A Child's Tale", where children can bring their imaginations to life and design a photo shoot around their passion!  This is one shoot that this gorgeous girl and her friend wanted to use her favourite vintage dresses and create an almost whimsical, dreamlike land.  

This is a great idea for a gift for a child's birthday or keepsake.  To make a booking contact Jenn on 0400 841627 and create a lasting memory for your child.

A Child's Tale!
Child walking through the bushes!
Little girl dreaming on tree!
Child and her little bird!
Children's Photography Bayside Melbourne
Childhood portraits 'A Child's Tale'
Child Photographer Bayside
Fly away little bird says little girl!
Little girl dreaming up on the tree!
Little girl running down the laneway!
The eyes to the soul!
These are what dreams are made of!
Sweet girl releasing a little bird!
Dancing girl in the shadows!
Family Photographer Bayside
Concept children's photography Bayside Melbourne
Little girl on the rocks!
Child in the reeds!
Little girl dancing in the puddle!
Childhood Photography Bayside Melbourne
Little girl down the beach!
Beautiful girl wearing vintage dress against the rocks!
Girls on the rocks looking at the sunset!
Wind blowing through little girl's hair!
Vintage beach photography of little girl!
Little girl hit by a wave!
Child's big brown eyes!

Why Maternity Photos are Important | Pregnancy Photos Bayside Melbourne

The Importance of Maternity Photos

Being pregnant can bring a lot of difficult trials but it's an amazing time in your life.  It is a time of anticipation as you prepare to meet your little bundle of joy. It’s a time where you become strong – stronger than you ever thought you could possibly be. During this time, you create your initial bond with your child that will continue throughout your entire lives.

There are very few women who actually feel like they are beautiful while they are pregnant – especially during the first pregnancy. However, the miracle of pregnancy is a beautiful thing. Swollen feet, stretch marks, and hormone changes aside – you are growing a real live human being inside of you. All of those side effects come from different things your body has to do to help nourish and protect your baby.

You are beautiful, and you should take the time to celebrate these changes and this amazing moment in your life. These photos will be a great gift to pass down to your child as an heirloom of your first memories with them. This is something they can treasure forever.

I usually aim to take photos around the 32 week mark.  I know what it feels like when your pregnant, conscious of your changing body shape but I photograph you in the most flattering poses. 

To celebrate Spring and new life, book a newborn session and receive a FREE maternity session. 


Pregnant woman lying on floor!

BFF's | Children's Bayside Photographer

It's the times we're so crazy,
that people think we're high.
It's the times we laugh so hard,
we can't help but cry.
It's all the inside jokes
and "remember whens".
those are all the reasons
that we're best friends!

- Unknown

Playing in the rocks, splashing water, feeling the sand beneath your toes,  and being with friends and family are what childhood memories are made of!


Bayside Children and Family Photography

Cruisin' on the Queenscliff Ferry | Melbourne Lifestyle Family Photographer

Fun day down at Sorrento then across to Queenscliff on the ferry with my family.

My Family!