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How to Achieve those Natural Shots / Family and Newborn Natural Photographer Melbourne

How to Achieve those Natural Shots   /   Family and Newborn Natural Photographer Melbourne

How to achieve those natural shots!

No Newborn Posing Here!! | Newborn Lifestyle Photographer Bayside, Melbourne

No Newborn Posing Here!!  | Newborn Lifestyle Photographer Bayside, Melbourne

No Posing Here!!

Three Becomes Four! | Family & Newborn Lifestyle Photography Melbourne

Three Becomes Four! | Family & Newborn Lifestyle Photography Melbourne

Welcome newborn baby girl to the family!

Those Tiny Newborn Details you want to capture! | Baby and Newborn Photographer Bayside Melbourne

Newborn babies are only small for the first two weeks of life.  Documenting those tiny newborn features is something you will cherish in years to come as it brings back memories of how tiny your newborn baby was when you first arrived home from the hospital.  As a Mum myself I have a little box full of tidbits from my son's first couple of weeks.....first dummy, tag from the hospital, ultra-sound photos, and of course photos taken in the hospital.  As he got older I've even kept a lock of his hair from his first haircut and all his baby teeth (I was told it was a good idea to hold onto these)!   They may not be worth anything to anybody else but the sentimental value is huge for me. 

I always photograph a newborn's tiny details including toes, fingers, eyelashes, body hair, belly button, etc. so that you'll never forget the essence of their features as they literally change overnight.

Tiny features of a newborn baby!
Newborn Tiny Features
Newborn baby's tiny feet!
Newborn baby's hair!
A newborn baby's hand reaching to hold his mother's hands!
Newborn Lifestyle Photographer Melbourne
Newborn Baby Body Hair!
Macro photo of newborn baby boy
Baby Newborn Boy

6 Week Baby Boy! | Natural Newborn Photography Melbourne a little bit of heaven sent down to earth!  Welcome little Hugo!  

Natural Newborn Photography in Melbourne
Newborn baby boy!
Mother's kisses for her newborn baby boy!
Family Lifestyle Photography Melbourne
Newborn baby boy protected by his parents!
Father in awe of his newborn son!
Newborn baby boy on parents bed!
Newborn baby details!
Peaceful newborn baby boy!
Natural Newborn Photographer in Bayside, Melbourne
Black & White photography of newborns!
Dad's kisses for his newborn baby!
Natural Family Photography Bayside Melbourne
Lifestyle Family Photography Melbourne
New family joy!
Mother's love for her newborn son!
Baby boy!
Strong neck muscles for a 6 week old baby boy!

Welcome Xavier! | Newborn Baby Photographer Bayside, Melbourne

"Sometime the smallest things

take up the most room

in your heart."   Winnie the Pooh

It's such an honour to be invited into a new home when a newborn baby arrives.  It's a major learning curve for new parents, finding balance and adjusting to little sleep.  I love to capture the beauty and the joy of a new life, a new family is just beginning.  One such family have welcomed little Xavier.....

Newborn Photography Melbourne
Natural Family Photography Melbourne
Natural Newborn Photography Melbourne
Melbourne Newborn Photographer
New mother kissing her newborn baby!
Natural and On Location Newborn Photographer Melbourne
Dad kissing his newborn baby son!
New family!
Newborn baby small details
Natural Newborn Photography Melbourne
Newborn Baby Boy on bed!
Lifestyle Family Photography Melbourne
New Dad looking at his newborn baby boy
Natural Newborn Baby Photography in Melbourne
Natural newborn photos Melbourne
Mother's love for her newborn son
Natural Family Photography Melbourne
Bayside Melbourne Newborn and Baby Photography



Perfection! | Newborn Lifestyle Photography Bayside, Melbourne

They're so perfect!  For me newborn photography is so beautiful for it's simplicity.   Documenting the tiniest of details, the wisp hair, the dribble, the dimple, their tiny hands and feet, this is what you want to remember as it's gone so quickly.   This gorgeous 8 week old baby girl was the sweetest! 

Newborn photography Melbourne
Newborn tiny details!
Natural newborn photography Bayside, Melbourne
Lifestyle Newborn Photographer
Tiny feet of a newborn!
Tiny hands of a newborn baby!
Newborn little girl!
Lifestyle Newborn Photographer Melbourne
Family Photography Melbourne
Melbourne Family Photographer
Little newborn baby girl!

Melbourne Newborn Photography | Can't think of a gift for your friend's Baby Shower?

Do you have a friend's baby shower coming up and don't know what to get her? What better gift than a Gift Certificate from Watch Them Grow Photography, something she will always treasure. Great idea for a few friends to contribute together.


It was a 'Bump & Baby' Workshop weekend! / Newborn/Pregnancy Photography

I had the privilege of spending a wonderful weekend with the talented photographer Anya Maria Photography.  It was so inspirational watching Anya work and meeting other fellow photographers from around Melbourne.  Thank you to all our models, you did such a wonderful job.  I can't help but be clucky since I met your beautiful, wee ones but at least I get to photograph these cute little bundles of joy.   If you are thinking of having newborn photos, contact me with your approximate delivery date so to pencil you in the first week following the birth.  As you can see pregnancy photos can be beautiful even though you're feeling uncomfortable and big.  Best to do those photos around the 32 - 34 week mark.

Bump & Baby Workshop Blog Photos 2.jpg
Baby & Bump Workshop Blog Photos 3.jpg
Baby & Bump Workshop Blog Photos 7.jpg