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Natural Light Newborn Photography / Natural and Simple Newborn Photography Melbourne

Natural Light Newborn Photography   /   Natural and Simple Newborn Photography Melbourne

Natural Light Newborn Photography!

Newborn Lifestyle Photography, what does it mean? / Newborn Photographer Bayside Melbourne

Newborn Lifestyle Photography, what does it mean?  /   Newborn Photographer Bayside Melbourne

What Style of Newborn Photography is right for you?

3 Month Old Baby Brother! | Children & Baby Natural Photography Melbourne

What a delight it was meeting this family.  Natural, simple photography in your home.  This family have welcomed a beautiful baby boy who is now 3 months old and has the cutest grin.  Little 'P' loves being a big sister and loved showing me her room and toys.  I try to keep photo shoots simple only using your props in your home that makes it real to who you are now.  Here's a small peek....

Big Sister kissing her little brother!
Natural Baby Photography Melbourne
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Natural Children's Photography Melbourne
Melbourne Family Lifestyle Photography
Natural Children's Photography Melbourne
On Location Natural Family Photography Melbourne
Baby Boy!
Child Lifestyle Photography Melbourne
Mother's love for her little baby boy!
Family and Baby Photography Melbourne
Natural Baby Photography Bayside Melbourne
Little girl playing with her balloon!
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3 month old baby boy
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Lifestyle Child Photography Melbourne
Little girl playing with her toy kitchen
Baby Lifestyle Photography Melbourne
Little girl playing peek-a-boo on the staircase



Brand New Newborn Baby Girl | Natural Newborn Photography Melbourne

I've yet to come across a newborn baby that hasn't smiled for me.  I know it's wind but heck we like to think that they're smiling just for us!!  A newborn little girl has just been welcomed to this delightful family.  Here are some of my favourites - enjoy!

Natural Newborn Baby Photography Melbourne
Natural Family Photography Melbourne
Toddler Photography Melbourne
Dad kissing his newborn baby girl!
Dad cuddling his newborn baby girl!
Mother kissing her newborn baby girl!
Melbourne Family Photographer
Lifestyle Family Photography Melbourne
Newborn details
Newborn baby girl
Lifestyle newborn photography melbourne
Melbourne Family Photography Bayside
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Beautiful newborn photography Melbourne
Natural Newborn Photography Melbourne
Smiling newborn baby girl
Newborn baby facial expressions
Cuddles for newborn baby sister

7 Weeks! | Natural Newborn Photography Melbourne

Isn't she absolutely adorable?  At 7 weeks old little Olive was all smiles and an absolute delight.   Okay I admit it, I still get really clucky when I meet newborns for the first time!!

Natural Newborn Photography Melbourne
Precious newborn baby girl!
Melbourne Newborn Photography
Sleeping Newborn Baby Girl!
Smiling newborn baby girl!
Natural on location Newborn Photography Melbourne
Baby girl's nursery!
Natural Newborn Photography Melbourne
Melbourne Lifestyle Newborn Photography

Welcome little Ty! | Melbourne Lifestyle Newborn Photography

Winter's been the season of babies for me lately which I adore.  To experience the love of a newborn baby, the scent, the skin folds, and the cuddles makes my heart melt! 

Welcome little Ty, what a gorgeous name!  You'll probably remember the preview of Yuri's maternity session a couple of months ago.  Congratulations Yuri & Tim!

Maternity Photography Melbourne
Newborn Photography Melbourne
Mother's love of her newborn baby!
New family!
New dad kissing his newborn baby!
Family Lifestyle Photography Melbourne
Natural Newborn Photography Melbourne
Melbourne Natural Newborn Photography
Newborn Features!
Dad cupping newborn baby's head!
Family kisses for newborn!
Baby on bed!
Newborn baby looking at toy bunny!
Newborn Lifestyle Photography!
Newborn Lifestyle Photography Session Preview!
Natural Newborn Photography Melbourne
Natural Baby Photography Melbourne
Melbourne Family Photography
On location newborn photography Melbourne

What to do if Baby isn't Co-operating! | Baby Photography Melbourne

Settling baby!

Newborns are a miracle and we want to show our new little bundle looking peaceful and relaxed when they have their first photos taken.  We've all seen those photos of new little babies posed in baskets, boxes and all sorts of poses that just seem as though they are the perfect baby, cooperating with every photo you wish to get.  Unfortunately this doesn't always happen and this is where lifestyle photography comes into play. 

Crying is a natural, real emotion that all newborns have for most of their first few months of life. Embrace this moment in time. It won’t be long before you forget how their little forehead wrinkled up whenever they screamed, or how their toes would get all stretched out and tense when he was upset. Let me capture those little details.  You want your photos to evoke real emotion and demonstrate the love you have for your child as you try to soothe them.  These tender moments are just as important, if not more so, than the sleeping, posed photos.

A newborn photo session is to preserve those first memories of your newborn's life.  Whilst posed photos can be cute, in years to come you're not going to look back and think wow, look how my baby was able to do this great pose!  The memories you'll have will be you comforting your baby, humming a lullaby to settle them and them gazing into your eyes with amazement and love.  

100 Day Celebration | Baby Lifestyle Photography Melbourne

I had the honour of photographing a little baby girl's "100 Day Celebration" called "Okuizome".  This is to celebrate a baby's "first food" or "first eating" in Japan and to celebrate the new phase in a baby's life.  It has beautiful sentiment behind the event and is a big feast for family and friends to celebrate.  It has been celebrated for hundred's of years in Japan, during times when babies didn't always make it to 100 days old. 

You're probably thinking that it's quite early to be introducing solids to a baby this young but relatives just pretend to feed the baby.  The food prepared varies between different regions of Japan but the food that is presented to the baby usually includes a fish (with the head and tail still attached), rice, soup, and boiled vegetables.  Each of these foods mean a different virtue such as the word for beans (mame) is similar to the word for loyalty/diligence and the word for red sea bream (a type of fish) is similar to a word for happiness (tai and mede-tai).  A small pebble is given to the baby to bite, symbolizing strong teeth.  I love the idea that eating a food could possibly portray a positive trait that your baby could have for the rest of their life!

Hmmmm, what positive trait could possibly go with chocolate - happiness, wisdom, serenity???

My New Neighbours....Melbourne Baby Photography

Welcome to our new neighbours across the street, not only to the neighbourhood but also their new little baby boy to their family. 

3 Month Old Baby & Family Session

Panton Hill Winery Visit | Melbourne Family & Children's Photography

One of the perks of my job is meeting wonderful people! I photographed this family last year and since they've added a new addition to the family, congratulations!   We travelled to the stunning Panton Hill Winery in the Yarra Valley as our backdrop as it's a favourite location for my client.  Hope you enjoy your preview!

109 B&W.jpg

I'm a what....a Great Aunt??? | Baby Photography Melbourne

Oooooh, the cutest little button! I love photographing 6 month old bubs, they're adorable especially this little vegemite as he's my nephew's first child. Yep, I'm a Great Aunt, boy do I feel old!!!!