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10 Day Old Newborn Baby Boy / Natural Newborn Photography Bayside Melbourne

10 Day Old Newborn Baby Boy  /  Natural Newborn Photography Bayside Melbourne

10 Days New!

6 Week Baby Boy! | Natural Newborn Photography Melbourne a little bit of heaven sent down to earth!  Welcome little Hugo!  

Natural Newborn Photography in Melbourne
Newborn baby boy!
Mother's kisses for her newborn baby boy!
Family Lifestyle Photography Melbourne
Newborn baby boy protected by his parents!
Father in awe of his newborn son!
Newborn baby boy on parents bed!
Newborn baby details!
Peaceful newborn baby boy!
Natural Newborn Photographer in Bayside, Melbourne
Black & White photography of newborns!
Dad's kisses for his newborn baby!
Natural Family Photography Bayside Melbourne
Lifestyle Family Photography Melbourne
New family joy!
Mother's love for her newborn son!
Baby boy!
Strong neck muscles for a 6 week old baby boy!

And Family Makes Three! | Natural Newborn Photography Melbourne

A newborn is all things hopeful, dreams fulfilled and a wonder of possibilities!

Natural Newborn Photography Melbourne
Newborn Photography Melbourne
Natural Family Photography Melbourne
Newborn details!
Natural Baby Photography Melbourne
Mother holding her newborn baby!
Smiling newborn baby!
Family dog watching over newborn baby!
Bayside Newborn Baby Photographer
Lifestyle Newborn Photography Melbourne
Melbourne Family Photography
Mother's love for her newborn baby girl!
Precious newborn baby girl!
Father's love for his newborn baby girl!
A family of three!

Precious Newborn Baby Boy! | Natural Newborn Photography Melbourne

I had the pleasure of meeting another newborn baby boy last week!  Welcome Joshua! 

All babies have their own little sounds, movements and smiles that are all distinctive of who they are.   Mum said that Joshua has the cutest pursed lips while making a little 'O' with his lips!

Natural Newborn Photography Melbourne
Natural Newborn Photography Melbourne
Baby boy!
Melbourne Newborn Baby Photography
Family Lifestyle Photography Melbourne
Newborn Lifestyle Photographer Melbourne
Newborn baby little details!
Natural Newborn Baby Photographer Melbourne!
Dad with his newborn baby boy!
Melbourne Natural Family Photography
New Dad holding his newborn son!
Big hands wrap newborn baby boy!
Newborn quirks!
Lifestyle newborn photography Melbourne
Swaddled newborn baby boy!
Mother cuddling her newborn baby son!
Close up shot of newborn baby boy!
Newborn natural photography!
Melbourne Family Photography!
Newborn baby boy!
Newborn natural photography Melbourne

Happy 1st Birthday | Baby Photography Melbourne

I know I shouldn't be biased but my nephew's little baby boy is the cutest little button!  Have a wonderful first birthday Harley!  

Baby 1st Birthday

3 Month Old Baby Session | Melbourne Lifestyle Baby Photography

The three month baby session is my favourite.  Those little expressions, those little squishy thighs, it makes you just melt!   Izabela has the most beautiful blue eyes!  Who could not fall in love this sweet little baby girl?!

3 Month Old Baby & Family Session

Time goes so fast .... | Baby Photography Melbourne

I just love watching them grow, watching them grow from newborn into little people and here's the most adorable little one at 10 months.   Watch out Mum he's nearly walking.....