Baby Boy

In-home Family Photos! | Family & Baby Lifestyle Photography Melbourne

The beauty of photographing lifestyle is that I can come to you and photograph your family in your home where you feel relaxed and familiar with your surroundings.

When photographing a family welcoming a new baby, I try to capture the intimacy and affection the parents have for their beautiful new baby. 

This gorgeous family have just welcomed their 12 week old baby boy and my gosh he can stand (with support) already!

Natural baby photography Melbourne
Lifestyle Baby & Family Photographer Melbourne
Lifestyle Family Photography Bayside Melbourne
Natural Family Photography Bayside Melbourne
Natural Baby & Newborn Photography Melbourne
Baby boy standing on his father's legs
Baby Photographer Bayside
New mother holding her baby boy
Lifestyle Family & Baby Photography Melbourne
New baby and puppy for this family
Natural on location baby photography
New mum kissing her 12 week old baby boy
Lifestyle Newborn and Baby Photography Melbourne
Baby details!
Family Lifestyle Photography Bayside Melbourne
Newborn and Baby Photography Melbourne
New dad kissing his 3 month old baby boy
Natural In-Home Baby Photography Bayside Melbourne
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3 Month Old Baby Boy in his bassinet
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Bayside Baby Photography Melbourne
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3 Month old baby boy standing on his dad's lap
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3 Month Old Baby Brother! | Children & Baby Natural Photography Melbourne

What a delight it was meeting this family.  Natural, simple photography in your home.  This family have welcomed a beautiful baby boy who is now 3 months old and has the cutest grin.  Little 'P' loves being a big sister and loved showing me her room and toys.  I try to keep photo shoots simple only using your props in your home that makes it real to who you are now.  Here's a small peek....

Big Sister kissing her little brother!
Natural Baby Photography Melbourne
Melbourne Lifestyle Baby & Family Photographer
Natural Children's Photography Melbourne
Melbourne Family Lifestyle Photography
Natural Children's Photography Melbourne
On Location Natural Family Photography Melbourne
Baby Boy!
Child Lifestyle Photography Melbourne
Mother's love for her little baby boy!
Family and Baby Photography Melbourne
Natural Baby Photography Bayside Melbourne
Little girl playing with her balloon!
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Lifestyle Baby Photography Bayside, Melbourne
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3 month old baby boy
968 B&W.jpg
Lifestyle Child Photography Melbourne
Little girl playing with her toy kitchen
Baby Lifestyle Photography Melbourne
Little girl playing peek-a-boo on the staircase



6 Week Baby Boy! | Natural Newborn Photography Melbourne a little bit of heaven sent down to earth!  Welcome little Hugo!  

Natural Newborn Photography in Melbourne
Newborn baby boy!
Mother's kisses for her newborn baby boy!
Family Lifestyle Photography Melbourne
Newborn baby boy protected by his parents!
Father in awe of his newborn son!
Newborn baby boy on parents bed!
Newborn baby details!
Peaceful newborn baby boy!
Natural Newborn Photographer in Bayside, Melbourne
Black & White photography of newborns!
Dad's kisses for his newborn baby!
Natural Family Photography Bayside Melbourne
Lifestyle Family Photography Melbourne
New family joy!
Mother's love for her newborn son!
Baby boy!
Strong neck muscles for a 6 week old baby boy!

Toddler Fun! | Natural Baby Photography Bayside, Melbourne

When Ebony phoned and booked a photography session for her new baby, she was a little worried that we might not be able to get some good shots of her 20 month old boy Hudson as he can't sit still.  I love photographing toddlers, get them playing and having fun that's when the natural smiles happen.  How cute is he?

Natural Toddler Photography Bayside, Melbourne
Natural Baby Photography Melbourne
Toddler playing peek a boo!
Toddler play time!
Brother and sister cuddles!
Natural Family Photography Melbourne
Toddler tickles from Mum!
Toddler playing on parent's bed
Natural Toddler Photography Melbourne
Melbourne Family Photographer
Natural Family Photography Bayside, Melbourne
Lifestyle Family Photography Melbourne
Toddler fun on Mum and Dad's bed

Oh how I love Newborns! | Newborn Lifestyle Photography, Bayside, Melbourne

Over the past 9 years I have photographed a lot of newborn babies and love getting to know each of them individually as we all know that every child we come across is VERY different and has different strengths that they utilize even as infants.  Every yawn, smile and look was admired by his Mum & Dad.  Okay, call me clucky but little Nathan is the most handsome boy!

Newborn Photography Melbourne
Natural Newborn Photographer Melbourne
Newborn tiny details captured!
New family!
Natural Newborn Photography
Dad holding newborn baby!
Newborn details!
Melbourne Newborn Photographer
Daddy loves his newborn son!
Mummy kissing newborn baby!
Handsome newborn baby boy!
Newborn baby yawning!
Family Photography Melbourne
Lifestyle Newborn & Family Photography Melbourne
Natural Newborn & Family Photography
Newborn in his big cot!
Lifestyle Family & Newborn Photography Melbourne

SO MUCH FUN AT THE PARK!! | Baby & Child Photography Melbourne

It's scary when your old enough to be a great Aunt....yep my older brother's son had his first child who's now a little toddler.....the cutest little button, makes me so clucky I can't stand it!!!!

Toddler picking flowers!
18 month old baby boy
Toddler photography Melbourne
Toddler playing at the park!
Toddler sliding down!
Baby boy sliding down the slide!
Toddler playing with chimes!
Peek a Boo!
18 month old boy playing at the park!
Toddler trying on Mum's sunglasses!
Portrait of Toddler!
Toddler playing with Daddy!
Daddy jump!!
Toddler sliding down the slide with Daddy!
Toddler playing in boat!
Toddler having so much fun in boat!
18 month old baby boy portrait!