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Newborn babies are only small for the first two weeks of life.  Documenting those tiny newborn features is something you will cherish in years to come as it brings back memories of how tiny your newborn baby was when you first arrived home from the hospital.  As a Mum myself I have a little box full of tidbits from my son's first couple of weeks.....first dummy, tag from the hospital, ultra-sound photos, and of course photos taken in the hospital.  As he got older I've even kept a lock of his hair from his first haircut and all his baby teeth (I was told it was a good idea to hold onto these)!   They may not be worth anything to anybody else but the sentimental value is huge for me. 

I always photograph a newborn's tiny details including toes, fingers, eyelashes, body hair, belly button, etc. so that you'll never forget the essence of their features as they literally change overnight.

Tiny features of a newborn baby!
Newborn Tiny Features
Newborn baby's tiny feet!
Newborn baby's hair!
A newborn baby's hand reaching to hold his mother's hands!
Newborn Lifestyle Photographer Melbourne
Newborn Baby Body Hair!
Macro photo of newborn baby boy
Baby Newborn Boy

Natural Lifestyle Newborn Photography - What is it?

There's blurred lines when it comes to explaining what Lifestyle photography is.  Some would say it is Documentary where the photographer becomes a fly on the wall and photographs your normal day.  To me Lifestyle is natural and real, with occasional prompts to help the clients know what to do.  

For me, it is so beautiful and personal to photograph your newborn in their brand new home, to capture your baby photographed in their own nursery, to remember forever what that very first bedroom looked like. Those first wraps, hand knitted blankets and booties, their first teddy, all the things that you'll want to remember in years to come.  To have them cuddled by you on your bed, a place where they'll never be quite this small again.  Lifestyle to me is documenting you, your new family forever changed!   It's emotions and love that you could never have imagined before. 

Here's one adorable little guy and his parents!

Melbourne Newborn Lifestyle Photography
Newborn Lifestyle Photography Bayside, Melbourne
Melbourne Newborn Photography
New Mum holding her newborn baby boy!
Newborn Black & White Photography Melbourne
Newborn Baby Boy lying on the bed!
Lifestyle Newborn on bed!
New Mum holding her newborn baby boy!
Family Lifestyle Photography Melbourne
Baby's tootsies!
Newborn baby boy!
Smiley baby boy!
New Dad holding his newborn son!
Gorgeous newborn baby!
Proud Parents holding newborn baby in nursery!
Little newborn baby boy!
New family!
Newborn baby in his cot!