Winter Family Photos at the Beach! | Natural Family Photography Bayside, Melbourne

We couldn't have asked for better weather in the middle of Winter for this awesome family photo shoot.  Winter light is so soft and gorgeous, top that with the beach and you have a perfect location for a photo shoot.   Just because it's cold outside doesn't mean you should put off having photos taken. 

There is something so beautiful about the beach.  It instils peace and calmness, reduces stress, declutters the mind and can reduce feelings of depression.  They call this "Blue Space"!   The waves and the smells in the 'Blue Space' can clear you mind.  What better way to get the kids off electronics and get back to nature than down at the beach!

Family Lifestyle Photographer Bayside, Melbourne
Family Lifestyle Photography Melbourne
Family fun down at the beach!
Natural photos of Tween girls!
Lifestyle family photography Bayside Melbourne
Child Photography Melbourne
Child having fun playing in the sand down at the beach
Beautiful photo of Tween girl!
Kids playing down at the beach!
Young tween girl twirling!
Dream like image of young girl!
Children admiring a mural on side of brick wall
Children's Lifestyle Photography Melbourne
Natural child photography Bayside, Melbourne
Beautiful Tween girl photos!
Family Lifestyle Photographer Melbourne
kids having fun!
Tween photography Melbourne!
Tween girl photography Bayside, Melbourne
Family Photographer Bayside Melbourne
Family portrait photography on location
Beautiful backlit photo of young girl
Pure and simple photography of children and family
Young boy playing with a rock
Young boy playing with the seagulls at the beach
Tween portrait photography on location in Bayside, Melbourne
Young girl trying to feed the seagulls
Winter family photos down at the beach

Welcome Little Sister! | Family Lifestyle Photographer Bayside, Melbourne

I love images that tell a story, that capture emotions.  My aim is to document your family, this moment in time.  This gorgeous family have introduced a beautiful little sister who is now 8 weeks old and adored by her big brothers.  We had so much fun laughing, tickling, digging, blowing bubbles, jumping on Mum & Dad's bed and trampolining.  Awesome job Dad jumping whilst holding both boys!

Family Photographer in Bayside Melbourne
Natural Newborn Photography Melbourne
Natural Family Photography Bayside Melbourne
Mum cuddling her newborn baby girl!
Lifestyle Family Photographer Melbourne
Children & Family Lifestyle Photography Melbourne
Young boys digging and playing in the garden!
Children's Lifestyle Portrait Photographer Melbourne
Natural Children's Photography Melbourne
4 year old boy jumping on the trampoline!
Natural Toddler Photography Melbourne
Dad jumping holding both his boys!
Child and Family Lifestyle Photographer Bayside Melbourne
Family Portrait Photography Melbourne
Boys playing on the bed!
Mother's love for her newborn baby girl
Beautiful 8 week old newborn baby girl
Newborn baby girl's big yawn
Big brother playing with his newborn baby sister
Big brother loves his little newborn baby sister
Natural, on location family photography in Bayside Melbourne
Child Lifestyle Photography Melbourne

Welcome Baby Sebastian! | Natural Lifestyle Newborn Photography Melbourne

The arrival of a newborn baby to the family is the most wondrous time in a parent's life.  At only 4 days old little Sebastian is the joy in his parent's eyes.  How gorgeous is he? 

Newborn Lifestyle Photographer Melbourne
Natural Newborn Photography Melbourne
New Dad holding his newborn baby boy
New mother totally in love with her newborn baby!
Natural Family Photography Bayside Melbourne
Beautiful newborn baby boy with his new Mum
Collage of newborn baby boy
Newborn baby boy's nursery!
Lifestyle Family Photography Melbourne
Newborn Photography Melbourne
New Father's Hands protecting his newborn baby!
Lifestyle Newborn Photographer Bayside Melbourne
Photography of Newborn baby tiny features
Natural Family Photography Melbourne
Natural Baby Photography Bayside Melbourne
Natural Portrait Photographer of Families and Newborns Melbourne
Melbourne & Bayside Newborn Photography
Newborn baby asleep on his father's chest
Natural Newborn Photography Melbourne
Newborn Lifestyle Photography Melbourne
Newborn & Family Photography Bayside Melbourne
Lifestyle Newborn and Family Photography Melbourne
Lifestyle Family Photographer Bayside Melbourne
Newborn photographer in Bayside Melbourne
Family and Newborn Lifestyle Photographer
Newborn baby snuggled on his parent's bed
Newborn and Family Photography Melbourne

Enjoying Autumn! | Natural Family Photography Melbourne

I love this time of the year.....Autumn is so magnificent, the colours, the soft light, nature's gift on display.  I had the hardest time narrowing down which photos to show from this family photo shoot as I loved how they totally enjoyed being in the moment, enjoying nature.  Their little toddler was just precious, full of smiles and laughter.  Hope you enjoy your preview!  

Family Lifestyle Photography Melbourne
Toddler chasing the ducks
Natural Family Photo Shoot
Family playing with the Autumn leaves!
Toddler photography in Melbourne
Toddler in awe with the Autumn leaves!
Autumn Family Photo Shoot
Family Photography in Melbourne
Natural Family Portrait Photography Melbourne
Toddler playing with the Autumn leaves
Toddler playing with the Autumn leaves
Dad playing with his toddler son
Little toddler and his dog
Family and pet photography Melbourne
Lifestyle Family Photography Melbourne
Toddler Lifestyle Photography Melbourne
Toddler on top of Daddy's shoulders
Family time at the park
Toddler giggles with Daddy
Family Photography in Autumn
Natural Children's Photography Melbourne
Natural Family Photography Melbourne
Family time at the park
Natural Family Portrait Photographer Melbourne
Children's Lifestyle Photographer Melbourne

I like to call it non posing! | Family Lifestyle Photography Melbourne

I thought I'd write a post about how I pose or not pose family photography.  My aim is to create an environment in which families can connect and interact, not so much posing but natural, real moments.   

I do though have some "go to" poses that I use to help guide families so they relax in front of the camera and not feel at a loss as to what to do.  They  can include walking and holding hands, kids on shoulders, looking at each other, tickling each other, whispering secrets in their Mum or Dad's ear, sitting as close as can be together, laying down, Mum or Dad looking at their child up in the air, cheek to cheek, Mum with the kids, Dad with the kids, siblings playing, individual shots of the children. 

So as you can see there are a number of different 'poses' that don't involve the 'say cheese' shots looking at the camera.  The photos that you'll cherish are the ones where you are not concerned about the camera but the interaction and love you have for one another. 

Non posed family photography Melbourne
Natural family photography Melbourne
Dad playing with his daughter!
Family laying on ground looking up at the camera!
Siblings playing together
Mother playing with her children
Natural Family Photography Melbourne
Lifestyle Family Photography Melbourne
Melbourne Family Photographer
Bayside Family Photographer

Photos to take of your kids before they grow up! / Children's Lifestyle Photography Melbourne

If you're like me, you don't notice your children growing up right before your eyes as you see them every day!  I was lucky that I purchased my first digital camera when Toby was 3 years old which gave me the opportunity to take countless photos of him without having to worry about the expense of printing them all.  Before that though I shot film and was very conscious of what I was photographing and missed a lot of those moments that I wished I had taken.   

There are lots of little things that you don't recognise now as being important to capture but in years to come they will be the main photos that you'll treasure.  Here's a list of photos that you should try to take before they grow too fast!!

Toys and hobbies at each stage of their development (e.g. Lego, Barbie, Thomas The Tank Engine), favourite toy, nursing or bottle feeding, teddies or favourite blankie, sleeping, playing in the mud and puddles, bath time, dressing up, learning to ride a bike, jumping on the trampoline, the simple things - daydreaming, belly laughing, experiencing the rain on their tongue for the first time, first day of Kindergarten & school, homework, blowing bubbles, playing at the park, playing in their first sports game, playing with new friends, dancing, kidding around or the faces they pull, reading, chores, first time at the movies, experiencing a food for the first time (with Toby it was icecream), fun at the beach, visiting the zoo, with their pets, playing different sports, family outings, the list is endless!!

Photos to take of your children before they grow up!



How do you define Fine Art Photography? | Styled Photography of Children & Family

As you'll see from my portfolio I'm a Lifestyle/Natural photographer capturing real moments, real emotions of your family, but I've also ventured into what I call Fine Art Photography as well. 

The one way I can explain what Fine Art Photography of children and families is, is a more styled concept that was thought of prior to the actual photo shoot.  Before work can become Fine Art, the photographer has to have an idea of what they envisage the final image will look like.  This can be from what they're wearing, location, lighting, composition, etc.  I try to convey a story, or emotion.  Clients give me ideas from their interests, hobbies, what they love to do together as a family.  From there we create a story of who they are now.  Everyone is unique and this is what I try to show in the final photo.

One idea I had was for a Pinocchio inspired photo shoot.  I purchased a couple of Pinocchio's a while back and have waited for the right opportunity to use them in a styled photo shoot.   I really wanted lots of shadow to convey the mood of a toy workshop and our shed seemed the perfect location (even though there were a few cobwebs and spiders)!  My poor husband had to remove everything in there but as I said to him, it's a great opportunity to clean it out. 

Fine Art Family Photography Melbourne
Children's Fine Art Photography in Melbourne
Natural Fine Art Photography Melbourne
Styled Photo Shoots of Children, Tweens, Teenagers & Families

Meet You at the Park...! | Natural Baby and Family Photography Melbourne

I feel so honoured when clients refer their friends to me for a photo shoot.  I am so grateful that you trust me with your precious little ones and feel so incredibly lucky to call this my job.

Kristina decided she would like to have their photo session at the local park and we couldn't have asked for better weather.  Little Lawton has the most infectious smile.   Every time the camera was pointed at him he just smiled at me.  He's a natural Mum and Dad!

Natural Family Photography Melbourne
Melbourne Family Photographer
New family photos at the Park!
Natural Family Photography Melbourne
Natural Baby Photographer Bayside, Melbourne
Lifestyle Family Photography Bayside, Melbourne
Watch Them Grow Photography Bayside, Melbourne
Expressions of a 6 month old baby boy!
Family photos in Melbourne
New parents reading to their 6 month old baby boy
New Dad playing with his 6 month old baby boy!
Family and Baby Photos Melbourne
Lifestyle Baby Photographer Melbourne
New Mum kissing her 6 month old baby boy
Family Lifestyle Portraiture Bayside, Melbourne
Family photos on location at the local park!
Natural Family Photographer Melbourne
New Mum cuddling her baby boy!
On Location Family Photography Melbourne

Makings of a Portrait!| Natural Family Photographer Bayside, Melbourne

It was a warm, lazy afternoon at our house.   Our son was playing on his Playstation, my husband was out in the garden and I started to think of how photographing family portraits can vary.  You have the traditional family portrait where everyone is smiling and posing at the camera or a more candid approach showing the interaction between you.

Sometimes posed photos can look posed and unnatural.  Some people don't look good in a posed environment, choosing a more candid approach reveals more of their true selves, their personality. 

 I bribed my son to let me take his photo (more time on the Playstation) and told him to stand by the wall and look at me.  First shot a conventional looking straight at the camera (non smiling as he's just become a teenager)!  From there I Freelensed (removing the lens from the camera and tilting to give the photo a soft bokeh)!  Portraits can be taken from different perspectives, looking down, looking up, looking off camera, it's how the photographer interprets their own unique style. 

My portrait style is "Lifestyle", a more natural, unposed way of photographing your family.  It's so hard to try and pose children as they find it difficult to sit still.  I prefer them playing, having fun.  This is where you get the natural smiles and personalities shine through.  Even Mum and Dad relax more if they're not trying to make their children give the perfect smile and pose.

If you're thinking of booking a family session, consider more natural, candid photography of your family.


Family Fun at the Park! | Natural Family Photography Bayside, Melbourne

When Karen rang me to book a photo session she asked if she could also bring their family dog Wilson.  I love including animals in family photo shoots as they are a huge part of the family as well.  Oh my gosh how cute are these children and Wilson the Beagle was such a trouper posing with the family.  Hope you enjoy your preview!

Natural Children's Photographer Melbourne
Toddler and baby brother at the park!
Family Photography Melbourne
Mother and Child playing at the park!
Father and daughter hugs!
Natural Baby Photography Melbourne
Melbourne Lifestyle Family Photographer
Big sister loves her little brother!
Family Photographer Bayside, Melbourne
Family fun at the park!
Family fun with Dad!
7 month old baby boy!
Child Portrait Photographer Melbourne
Family Photographer Bayside, Melbourne
Family snuggles!
Natural Family Photos Melbourne
Child Photographer Bayside
Family Photos Bayside, Melbourne
Natural Baby Photography Bayside, Melbourne
Family time at the park!
Fine Art Photography of Children in Melbourne
Family Play time at the park
Lifestyle Photography of Families Bayside
Natural Family Photos Bayside
Melbourne Family & Child Photography
Fine Art Photography of Children

I'm 2!!! | Natural Toddler Photography Melbourne

Isn't she the cutest????   Her Mum's best friend purchased a Watch Them Grow Photography Gift Voucher for this little toddler's 2nd birthday.  Here's a little preview:

Toddler watering the garden with her Dad!
Natural Family Photography Melbourne
Toddler play!
Toddler lifestyle photography Melbourne
Toddler playing in her tee pee!
Melbourne Natural Children's Photography
Toddler playing with her stickers
Toddler lifestyle photography Melbourne
Lifestyle Family Photographer Melbourne
Toddler and Children's photography melbourne
Toddler playing in Mum & Dad's bed
Toddler pretending to go to sleep in her cot
Toddler jumping in her cot!
Big headphones on little toddler!
Little Toddler sitting in a big chair
Toddler reading time!
Melbourne Natural Family Photography
Toddler running up the hallway!

Happy Holidays from Watch Them Grow Photography | Natural Family Photographer Melbourne

Watch Them Grow Photography has grown in leaps and bounds this year, welcoming so many new clients and catching up with older clients.  Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for allowing me into your homes and to capture your precious memories for you. 

Much love to all and I hope you have the most wonderful holidays and New Year! xxx

P.S. A little pressie for my clients.......

WTG Chrissy Card.jpg

Brand New Newborn Baby Girl | Natural Newborn Photography Melbourne

I've yet to come across a newborn baby that hasn't smiled for me.  I know it's wind but heck we like to think that they're smiling just for us!!  A newborn little girl has just been welcomed to this delightful family.  Here are some of my favourites - enjoy!

Natural Newborn Baby Photography Melbourne
Natural Family Photography Melbourne
Toddler Photography Melbourne
Dad kissing his newborn baby girl!
Dad cuddling his newborn baby girl!
Mother kissing her newborn baby girl!
Melbourne Family Photographer
Lifestyle Family Photography Melbourne
Newborn details
Newborn baby girl
Lifestyle newborn photography melbourne
Melbourne Family Photography Bayside
Children & Toddler Photography Melbourne
Beautiful newborn photography Melbourne
Natural Newborn Photography Melbourne
Smiling newborn baby girl
Newborn baby facial expressions
Cuddles for newborn baby sister

Family Shoot at the Park! | Natural and Real Family Photography Melbourne


We may not have it all together

But together we have it all!

Family Photography Bayside, Melbourne
Family Fun at the park
Natural Family Photography Bayside Melbourne
On Location Family Photography
Family fun times Bayside, Melbourne
Family mucking around at the park!
Brotherly love!
Couples photography Melbourne
Teenage boys mucking around!
Family tickle fight!
Melbourne Family Lifestyle Photography
Tween boy playing with his soccer ball!
Family Photography Melbourne
Family togetherness!




Welcome Xavier! | Newborn Baby Photographer Bayside, Melbourne

"Sometime the smallest things

take up the most room

in your heart."   Winnie the Pooh

It's such an honour to be invited into a new home when a newborn baby arrives.  It's a major learning curve for new parents, finding balance and adjusting to little sleep.  I love to capture the beauty and the joy of a new life, a new family is just beginning.  One such family have welcomed little Xavier.....

Newborn Photography Melbourne
Natural Family Photography Melbourne
Natural Newborn Photography Melbourne
Melbourne Newborn Photographer
New mother kissing her newborn baby!
Natural and On Location Newborn Photographer Melbourne
Dad kissing his newborn baby son!
New family!
Newborn baby small details
Natural Newborn Photography Melbourne
Newborn Baby Boy on bed!
Lifestyle Family Photography Melbourne
New Dad looking at his newborn baby boy
Natural Newborn Baby Photography in Melbourne
Natural newborn photos Melbourne
Mother's love for her newborn son
Natural Family Photography Melbourne
Bayside Melbourne Newborn and Baby Photography



Toddler Fun! | Natural Baby Photography Bayside, Melbourne

When Ebony phoned and booked a photography session for her new baby, she was a little worried that we might not be able to get some good shots of her 20 month old boy Hudson as he can't sit still.  I love photographing toddlers, get them playing and having fun that's when the natural smiles happen.  How cute is he?

Natural Toddler Photography Bayside, Melbourne
Natural Baby Photography Melbourne
Toddler playing peek a boo!
Toddler play time!
Brother and sister cuddles!
Natural Family Photography Melbourne
Toddler tickles from Mum!
Toddler playing on parent's bed
Natural Toddler Photography Melbourne
Melbourne Family Photographer
Natural Family Photography Bayside, Melbourne
Lifestyle Family Photography Melbourne
Toddler fun on Mum and Dad's bed

12 Week Baby Girl! | Natural Family and Children's Photography Melbourne

I've been receiving a lot of bookings lately from panicked parents fearing that they've left it too late to have newborn photos taken.  With Lifestyle photography it doesn't matter how old your child is as Lifestyle is natural and of real moments of who you are now.  I can always fix baby's skin rashes, etc. in Photoshop if need be.

Little baby Ida is absolutely adorable and at 12 weeks already has the most gorgeous personality and smile. 

Natural Newborn Photography Melbourne
Family Photography Melbourne
Melbourne Natural Newborn Photography
Newborn Baby girl
Melbourne Natural Family Photography
Scent of a newborn baby
Natural Baby Photography Bayside Melbourne
Mother's love for her baby girl
Small baby details
Tummy time for little baby girl
Baby girl on Mum and Dad's big bed
Bayside Baby Photography Melbourne
Baby safe and warm in Mum's cuddles
Baby girls first special dress
Natural Newborn Photography Melbourne
Newborn baby girl swaddled in blanket
Baby girl and family dog
Baby girl's protector!
Peaceful slumber for baby girl
Lifestyle Newborn Photography Melbourne



Newborn Baby Stretch! | Natural Newborn Photographer Melbourne

When Molly rang me about photographing her new little baby I was really excited.  Lifestyle photo shoots are my favourite especially newborns.  It can be a challenge though going to someone's home without knowing exactly what the light will be like but I go with the flow.  The end result is so real because the images capture the role the home plays within the family.

I'm a Mum myself and clearly remember that first month arriving home with our newborn son and how exhausted I was with lack of sleep, hormones playing havoc and just trying to keep up with feeds.  This is where an in home session is less intrusive and you can then just focus on your baby and let me do the rest. 

Little Hugo loved a big stretch, such a cutie!! 

Natural Newborn & Family Photography Melbourne
In Home Newborn Photography Melbourne
Natural Lifestyle Photography of Newborns
Natural Family Photography Melbourne
Newborn Baby lying on the bed
Big newborn stretches
Newborn Baby on Parent's bed
New Dad kissing his newborn son
Newborn baby details
Scent of a newborn baby
Newborn baby boy on bed
Natural newborn photography melbourne
Mother's love for her newborn baby boy
Melbourne Newborn Photography
Melbourne Newborn Lifestyle Photography
Simple and pure newborn photography Melbourne
Dad holding his newborn baby on his shoulder
Beautiful Mum holding her newborn baby son



And Family Makes Three! | Natural Newborn Photography Melbourne

A newborn is all things hopeful, dreams fulfilled and a wonder of possibilities!

Natural Newborn Photography Melbourne
Newborn Photography Melbourne
Natural Family Photography Melbourne
Newborn details!
Natural Baby Photography Melbourne
Mother holding her newborn baby!
Smiling newborn baby!
Family dog watching over newborn baby!
Bayside Newborn Baby Photographer
Lifestyle Newborn Photography Melbourne
Melbourne Family Photography
Mother's love for her newborn baby girl!
Precious newborn baby girl!
Father's love for his newborn baby girl!
A family of three!

7 Weeks! | Natural Newborn Photography Melbourne

Isn't she absolutely adorable?  At 7 weeks old little Olive was all smiles and an absolute delight.   Okay I admit it, I still get really clucky when I meet newborns for the first time!!

Natural Newborn Photography Melbourne
Precious newborn baby girl!
Melbourne Newborn Photography
Sleeping Newborn Baby Girl!
Smiling newborn baby girl!
Natural on location Newborn Photography Melbourne
Baby girl's nursery!
Natural Newborn Photography Melbourne
Melbourne Lifestyle Newborn Photography