What Time of the Year is Best for Family Photos? / Natural Family Photography Melbourne

If you’ve been waiting until the Summer months to have your family photos taken, don’t worry as it doesn’t matter what time of the year it is. I understand that you’re investing your money and valuable time by hiring a professional photographer and you’d like everything to be perfect on the day of your shoot but you can have family photos anytime of the year as long as it’s not raining.

The weather is starting to warm up and yes Melbourne’s weather can be fickle in Spring but don’t be put off. I only reschedule a session if it is actually raining, cloud cover is actually great as it’s a natural reflector of light and gives even skin tones. Bright sunny days in the middle of the day produces lots of shadows as the sun is directly above in the sky and the light is what we call harsh for portrait photography.

I like to schedule photo shoots either early morning around sunrise or later in the afternoon around sunset.

So don’t put off booking your family shoot as there really isn’t a best time of the year for photos. The main reason you book a family session is to create family memories that show who you are now and the connections you have for one another.

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