Gently Guided Photo Suggestions / Natural Newborn Photography

The fragility and joy of a newborn baby, it’s the emotion that I try to capture. Even though the majority of the photo shoot is baby led, there are certain positions that I gently guide you through so you know what to do.

Here’s a few:

  • Baby in Dad’s arms

  • Cuddles with Mum

  • Baby in her cot or bassinet

  • Baby on her tummy

  • Macro (or very close-up) photos of your baby’s tiny features including fingers and toes

  • Baby all in white or swaddled in a textured blanket with just the face showing

  • Baby’s movements (i.e. stretches, yawns, smiles)

  • Shots from above and at eye level

  • Asleep on Mum or Dad

  • Siblings holding the baby

  • Showing how little they are by Mum or Dad’s hands

  • Over the shoulder

  • Photographing from above lying with your baby

  • Nursery

  • Nursing

  • Cuddles on the bed with Mum and Dad

This beautiful new family have just welcomed a baby boy, congratulations!

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Newborn Baby Boy
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Newborn Baby boy staring at his Dad
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Dad's hand showing how tiny his newborn baby is
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Newborn Baby Boy's tiny features
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Newborn Baby boy's tiny features
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