Before and Now / Tween and Teenager Fine Art Portrait Photography

Every so often I like to do creative projects. I photographed the beautiful Ava at our local park four years ago to the day, so we thought we’d try and create the same images to see how much she’d grown.

The light was different as there was no direct sun due to small pockets of cloud and rain but a glorious rainbow appeared just as we were doing the shoot. A lot has changed in the park since then, more plants, Autumn leaves raked and the huge daisy bush cut right back. Ava has changed a bit too over four years, the dress still fits her fine though.

I like to take photos of Tweens and Teenagers as it brings out their personalities and gives them confidence and a sense of belonging. In a world where girls are so impressionable to the mixed messages from social media and popular culture, it is important for them to be able to illustrate their emerging talents and beauty just as they are now.

Fine Art Portrait Photography of Tween and Teenagers
Teenager Fine Art Portrait Photography Melbourne
Natural Tween Photography Melbourne
Melbourne Tween Photographer
Tween girl dancing in her vintage dress
Fine Art Tween & Teenager Photography
Fine Art Teenage Portrait Photography Bayside Melbourne
Tween girl throwing Autumn leaves in the air
Teenage Fine Art Portraiture Melbourne
Tween Photography Melbourne
Natural Tween Photography Melbourne
Teenage girl smelling the flowers at the park
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Melbourne Tween Photographer
Fine Art Tween Photography
Melbourne Teenage Photographer
Natural Teen Photography Melbourne
Winter in Bayside Melbourne
Teenager Photographer Bayside Melbourne
Teenage Photographer Bayside Melbourne
Teen Photography Bayside Melbourne