Newborn Lifestyle Photography, what does it mean? / Newborn Photographer Bayside Melbourne

When you’re looking for a photographer to photograph your baby, there’s different photographic styles to consider and which one is right for you. There’s ‘posed newborn photography’ where they will pose your baby in certain positions and use props such as buckets and flowers and is usually done within the first 10 days of birth. Or ‘documentary or photojournalism’ photography where the photographer only observes and photographs your everyday, real-life events, no interaction with you at all.

Then there’s ‘lifestyle’ photography where the photographer gives small amounts of instruction so clients feel at ease to know what to do but still captures the real emotion you have for your precious newborn baby and includes all members of the family. I consider myself to be a lifestyle photographer, a storyteller that captures a baby’s first days of life and the world they’re introduced into.

So when looking for a suitable photographer, always look at their work to see if it’s your taste and style of photography you like.

I photographed this beautiful baby girl at her Nana & Pop’s home with her big sister and Mum. She’s truly loved!

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