Spring has Sprung! / Melbourne Child Fine Art Photography

"The colours of Spring emerge with sweet sounds of songbirds to fill our Winter weary souls; bring hope, new beginnings and inspiration."

Preparing for Your Spring Photo Session

1. Wear layers. Spring can be finicky in the sense that it can go from cold to warm in a matter of minutes. You can layer a tank top, t-shirt, cardigan, scarf, etc. and that way each family member can peel off, or add a layer as they see fit and remain comfortable throughout the session.

2. Location. It could be the beach, the park or a favourite hidden gem that you know of that has glorious wildflowers.

3. Play into the colours of the season when choosing your family's outfits. Fresh pops of green, blue, pink and yellow are always a hit in the springtime. Choose a color theme for the whole family, then slightly deviate from that with accessories to keep things interesting. I especially love neutral colours or pastel colours. No bold logos or bright colours though.

4. Really think about your footwear. Spring can often mean a soggy ground. Wear shoes that are comfortable and Spring appropriate like runners, boots or flat heel shoes.

Now the warmer weather is here, book in now for a family or Fine Art photography session.

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