Get in Close!! | Natural Family Photography Bayside, Melbourne

My photo sessions are natural and unposed but I do give a little direction to my clients so they’re not just standing there not knowing what to do. 

One of my tricks is to ask that you not look at me but at each other as I’m trying to capture the essence of who your family is.  You might hear me say get in closer, closer, even more closer!!  Closeness portrays connection, that you have a close relationship.  It makes you relax and not feel so inhibited in front of the camera.

Every Mum and Dad want their children to be happy and connected in their photos so I might ask them to tickle each other….this always gets a laugh and they start to enjoy having their photo taken!  I usually get the cringe look from an older sibling when I ask them to hug their younger brothers or sisters but secretly I think they really like it but just don’t want to admit it.   Give your child a piggy back, twirls, interact with them and they'll soon forget about the camera.  These are the moments that you want to remember!

Closeness and touch creates pleasing and loving family photos.  This gorgeous family have just welcomed a beautiful, little baby girl.  I'm sure she's going to be spoilt rotten by her older brothers and sister.

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Brothers and sister!
Family tickles!
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Kisses for their newborn baby girl
New little sister!
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