The In-Between Time! | Tween and Teenager Fine Art Photography Melbourne

The In-Betweeners, the Tweens, these young women are at an age when they start to blossom on their journey towards adulthood.  This can be a complex time for either boys or girls as the changes in their bodies can either be smooth sailing or so confusing, not only in the physical sense but also their mental ideals that they have about themselves.

In this digital society not only do they have to deal with the online criticisms but the dreaded, unrealistic "Selfie", the constant pressure to be perfect (including the perfect pout)!  

They're constantly bombarded with marketing and advertising and so easily influenced about what the perfect body, perfect face, is supposed to be.  It's so important to not let these misconceptions of reality define who they are.  My aim is to show them just how beautiful they are as themselves with a mini photo shoot and make them see that they are so, so special!

Tween & Teenager Fine Art Photography Melbourne
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Fine Art Tween and Teenager Photography Melbourne
Teenager and Tween Photography Melbourne
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