Tween & Teenager Styled Photo Shoots Melbourne

Tween and Teenage years can be a trying time not only for them but for Mum and Dad too.  When puberty starts it's hard for them to deal with the changes that they're experiencing both physically and mentally.  Hormones are racing and with that they start to lose self confidence and question are they pretty enough, are they slim enough, are they popular, and you know the rest!  It's no secret that children are being raised in a seemingly more demanding society that we were.

I'm really passionate about photographing this age group to show them just how beautiful they are, just as they are now.  We decide together how they'd like their photo shoot to be styled that signifies their personality....what they like to wear, how they spend their time, etc.  It's amazing how they seem to be subdued when we first commence the shoot and by the end their personality starts to shine!  

Tween styled photo shoot Melbourne
Tween photo shoot down at the beach
Melbourne Teenager Photographer
Teenager Styled Photo Shoot Melbourne
Styled Teenager Photo Shoot down at the beach
Melbourne and Bayside Tween Photographer
Natural Teenager Photography Bayside Melbourne
On location photography of Tween girl
Natural Teenager Photography
Melbourne Teenager Portrait Photographer
Tween Portrait Photography Melbourne
Styled Tween On Location Photo Shoot
Natural Tween Photos
On Location Styled Teenager Photo Shoot
Close-up portrait of Tween girl
Beach Tween Photo Shoot Bayside Melbourne
Tween girl at the beach
Natural Tween Portrait Photography Melbourne
Lifestyle Tween Portraiture
Melbourne Lifestyle Tween Photographer
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