How Do I Cull Photos? | Melbourne Family Natural Photography

A lot of people comment about how many photos I take in a single photo session.   I do this as I shoot what’s called ‘Lifestyle’ photography which is unposed, natural shots of who your family is now. 

I take a lot of photos when photographing children and families because it’s very difficult to make a child pose as they're constantly moving.  Not only that but it could be a certain glance, twinkle in their eye or a secret smile towards their parents I’m trying to capture and this can happen in a milli second. 

Spontaneous, natural family moments

So today I wanted to talk about the culling process after I’ve loaded your photos onto my computer.  It’s quite a daunting task, trying to work out which photos depict the individual personalities and quirks that make up your family.  

Toddler and Child Natural Photography Melbourne

First I weed out missed focus and technically unacceptable shots, those that aren't salvageable and aren't worth the extra time in post processing.  Then I choose the best of similar images and commence editing from the first photo.

It’s definitely not just the smiley photos that get chosen as I also like to capture those in-between moments, those are the most interesting.   Those moments that are totally natural, unposed, a special moment shared between you.  

Unposed Natural Family Photography Melbourne
Natural Child and Family Photography Melbourne
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Natural Lifestyle Family Photography Bayside Melbourne
Toddler Natural Photographer Bayside Melbourne
Child and Family Lifestyle Photography Melbourne
Bayside Family Photography Melbourne

The hardest part is limiting the amount of photos I edit and upload to your gallery for you to choose your favourites.  As it's the in-between photos where you forget about the camera and focus on each other that are the most memorable.