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When you were growing up do you remember how you loved to look at old photo albums and see what your family and yourself looked like and the sentimental memories that were captured? What’s the first thing, presuming that all members of the family are safe, that you would grab from your home if there was a fire? Your computer, your phone, that USB that seems to be lost, chances are that it will be any printed photos that you can gather quickly. What if that USB or computer hard drive becomes corrupted, what then?

This is why I’m passionate about wanting my clients to print their photos. There’s nothing quite like holding a photograph in your hands, the memories it creates. It’s a moment in time that can’t be repeated. Emotions, feelings, even smells are unlocked from the brain transporting you back to that moment captured.

Printing your photos is very important. A child feels a sense of security, that they belong and are loved when they see themselves hanging on the walls of your home. Printing your photos and having them in easy reach on display makes your house feel like a home.

In this digital era it’s so easy to take lots of photos on your phones and have them stored on your hard drives or the Cloud. You probably don’t want to print all of them but then that’s a good thing as it’s quality over quantity. Unfortunately with the inventions of new technology, older technology will become obsolete and many of those photos will be lost.

This is why I like to include 7 x 5” Fine Art Prints of your chosen images in my packages. Once you feel the texture and the quality of having your photos professionally printed with a reputable photo lab, you’ll understand the importance of printing your photos. The tactile difference of being able to hold a photo in your hand than just viewing them on your computer screen is like no other.

Print Your Photos!
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