What to Wear for your Newborn Photo Shoot! | Melbourne Newborn Photography

The last thing you want to think about when you have your newborn photo shoot is what to wear!

Newborns are perfect just as they are, we want to remember how tiny they were as they grow and change so fast. Believe me you won’t remember what they were wearing when they had their photo shoot, as they can get lost in lots of clothing. With newborns, less is more! We undress them down to just their nappy and wrap them in textured wraps. You can also dress them in a plain, white onesie which doesn’t detract away from their newborn newness! Babies vary if they want to have their arms out or snuggled, I work with them and their personality.

It’s great to include a family heirloom blanket, hat or wrap too. Neutral colours for the whole family works really well in camera. Colours such as soft whites, creams, greys or pastel colours work best. Stay away from strong, bold colours as they produce colour casts on your baby’s skin and big logos on t-shirts.

Natural is the word so barefoot looks best in photos as well for the whole family.

How gorgeous is this little baby boy, just 11 days old when these photos were taken in my home studio.

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