Styled Tween Photo Shoot! | Melbourne Child Fine Art Photography

Okay I have to say that one of my favourite subjects to photograph is Tweens.  Tweens are happy, laughing, fun, adorable, up for anything!  This gives me free reign to express my creativity and work with their ideas to create something truly unique for them. 

This is a forgotten age group for photos.  Newborns become babies, and children are photographed constantly.  By the time your child reaches the in-between age of (9-13) they're taking selfies of themselves to upload to social media to feel accepted by the peers.  If you try to take a photo of your Tween, get ready for the look of "no way are you taking my photo"!!

Most Tweens that I've worked with love the whole process of working with a photographer and come out of their shell.  This age is so exuberant and willing to do anything to get the photo, something that portrays them and their personality.

Tween girl!
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