All You Boy Mummas out there!! | Melbourne Children's Lifestyle Photographer

I'm one of four children and the only girl!  Surrounded by boys my whole life, I knew that when I had a child they would more than likely be a boy. 

I've been blessed to have our son.  Many of the lessons he has taught me in life, has also taught me how to capture boys with my camera.  With children, it's important to keep them occupied and having fun during a photo shoot as this produces the most natural smiles and expressions.  Boys move fast and are totally spontaneous, you never have warning about something hilarious they're about to do.  Boys are loud, messy and are always willing to try anything unusual.   I try to immense myself in the moment, always on the lookout.  You can though set up a scenario and watch intently as it unfolds.  Here's a list of a few ideas:

- Put a sprinkler under the trampoline or a heap of plastic balls on the trampoline as they're jumping around.

- Chasing each other with water balloons or water spray pistols

- Bubble machine

- Make a mud pit for them

- Sandpit

-  Face painting

- Playing their favourite ball game

- Shooting hoops

Dirty feet, scrapes on the knees, dirt under the fingernails, that all screams boyhood, these are the moments that you need to capture!

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Young boy chasing a large bubble!
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