How do you define Fine Art Photography? | Styled Photography of Children & Family

As you'll see from my portfolio I'm a Lifestyle/Natural photographer capturing real moments, real emotions of your family, but I've also ventured into what I call Fine Art Photography as well. 

The one way I can explain what Fine Art Photography of children and families is, is a more styled concept that was thought of prior to the actual photo shoot.  Before work can become Fine Art, the photographer has to have an idea of what they envisage the final image will look like.  This can be from what they're wearing, location, lighting, composition, etc.  I try to convey a story, or emotion.  Clients give me ideas from their interests, hobbies, what they love to do together as a family.  From there we create a story of who they are now.  Everyone is unique and this is what I try to show in the final photo.

One idea I had was for a Pinocchio inspired photo shoot.  I purchased a couple of Pinocchio's a while back and have waited for the right opportunity to use them in a styled photo shoot.   I really wanted lots of shadow to convey the mood of a toy workshop and our shed seemed the perfect location (even though there were a few cobwebs and spiders)!  My poor husband had to remove everything in there but as I said to him, it's a great opportunity to clean it out. 

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