Makings of a Portrait!| Natural Family Photographer Bayside, Melbourne

It was a warm, lazy afternoon at our house.   Our son was playing on his Playstation, my husband was out in the garden and I started to think of how photographing family portraits can vary.  You have the traditional family portrait where everyone is smiling and posing at the camera or a more candid approach showing the interaction between you.

Sometimes posed photos can look posed and unnatural.  Some people don't look good in a posed environment, choosing a more candid approach reveals more of their true selves, their personality. 

 I bribed my son to let me take his photo (more time on the Playstation) and told him to stand by the wall and look at me.  First shot a conventional looking straight at the camera (non smiling as he's just become a teenager)!  From there I Freelensed (removing the lens from the camera and tilting to give the photo a soft bokeh)!  Portraits can be taken from different perspectives, looking down, looking up, looking off camera, it's how the photographer interprets their own unique style. 

My portrait style is "Lifestyle", a more natural, unposed way of photographing your family.  It's so hard to try and pose children as they find it difficult to sit still.  I prefer them playing, having fun.  This is where you get the natural smiles and personalities shine through.  Even Mum and Dad relax more if they're not trying to make their children give the perfect smile and pose.

If you're thinking of booking a family session, consider more natural, candid photography of your family.