Christmas in Australia! | Melbourne Family Lifestyle Photographer

Here in Oz Christmas arrives in our Summer which commences in December.  School Holidays start usually a week before Christmas.

It gets extremely hot here in our Summer and we're prone to bush fires across the country.  

Traditional decorations including wreaths on our front doors, Christmas Trees in our loungerooms, Christmas lights decorating the outside of our homes and carol services are held all over the country in local parks ending with massive firework displays.  

Most families try to be home together for Christmas and the main meal is normally eaten at lunch time. We love the traditional English style Christmas dinner - Roast Turkey or Chicken, roast vegies, gravy, the works!  We finish with Plum Pudding, custard, Brandy Butter and cream and don't forget the traditional Pavalova (Pav!)!  Christmas dinner is cold meats, salads and seafood usually cooked on the barbecue (or Barbi as we call it)!  People might think we're crazy for having a hot roast lunch on a hot Summers day which could be up to 35 degrees (or 100 degrees fahrenheit) but we usually polish it down with a cold glass of beer or soft drink!

The day is usually finished with a game of family cricket in our backyards or down at the beach to work off all of the food.

I've yet to experience a white Christmas but one day!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Watch Them Grow Photography!

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