In Search of the Jacaranda Tree! | Natural Toddler Photography Melbourne

It's Summer here in Melbourne and with that the Jacaranda trees bloom with their gorgeous purple petals.  I come up with ideas that I would love to photograph, especially during the holidays.  The search for a Jacaranda tree with low branches began!  Driving around I spotted the most beautiful tree in the front yard of a house that just happened to have the owner out front for me to ask him if I could possibly photograph his tree.  He began to tell me the local history and also found out he knew of my father, talk about a small world! 

A couple of days later (after the rain had bucketed down), I was a little concerned that the petals would have been washed away but it was still standing strong.  Here's a preview of adorable Audrey, the toddler with the cutest ponytails!

Toddler playing under the Jacaranda tree!
Photo of Jacaranda Tree!
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Toddler touching the petals on the Jacaranda tree!
Toddler about to throw Jacaranda petals
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Toddler patting dog!
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Toddler playing with the butterflies!
Tiny toddler playing with puppy dog!