Special Promotion! | Children's Fine Art Photography Melbourne

I'm so excited to introduce a day out at the beautiful Mont Du Soleil www.montdusoleil.com in Kallista, Dandenongs on Sunday, 25th September.   A special day for your Tween daughter.

I remember so vividly when I was in-between 9 - 12 years old, where you're not quite a child anymore but not yet a teenager.  A most confusing time as your childhood innocence is questioned by your peers, becoming more independent but still insecure, trying to fit in and find your identity. 

They're coming into their own, developing their own personalities, shaping their thoughts and feelings of who they will become in their adult life.  That awkwardness and self doubt though springs it's ugly head and friendships change as they question who they are. 

I've had some wonderful styled photo shoots with young girls, I love to make them feel special!  I work with them to discover their true selves and develop a photo shoot around their personality.  I will be bringing various outfits on the day for your daughter to choose from but work with her prior to the shoot to help her organise her outfit for her session.  I find that the Mums have just as good a time helping their daughters dress and work out their outfits too. 

After the shoot your photos will be loaded to an online gallery where you choose your 'Favourites' by two images which will be printed on beautiful archival art paper, A3 size which can be framed and hung on the wall.   A framed art piece that she will treasure in years to come.

Tween girl Promotion Mont Du Soleil