Cutest little Toddler! | Family Photographer Bayside, Melbourne

This little one was an absolute delight!  Her Mum booked a newborn photo session and I couldn't help but feature this little munchkin in her own blog post, I mean look at those curls and blue eyes!  She was all smiles and so much fun, rolling around on the bed, playing with her jewellery box, cuddling her favourite teddy and watching her favourite show on TV.  I love photographing toddlers!!  Don't ever expect a toddler to sit still and smile.......let them have fun and play!

Natural Toddler Photography Melbourne
Little toddler jumping on the bed!
Toddler playing with her tiny toes!
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Natural Toddler Photographer Melbourne
Children's natural photography Bayside, Melbourne
Photography of toddler playing with her jewellery box
Toddler photographer Bayside, Melbourne
Sleepy time for tiny toddler!
Toddler cuddling her teddy!
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Cutest toddler playing on the couch!
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