"A Child's Tale" | Children's Photography Bayside Melbourne

I love it when clients ask to organise a more concept shoot of their children.  I get so excited as it brings out my creative ideas!  A photo shoot that captures who their child is at a particular stage of their life!   Introducing "A Child's Tale", where children can bring their imaginations to life and design a photo shoot around their passion!  This is one shoot that this gorgeous girl and her friend wanted to do...to use her favourite vintage dresses and create an almost whimsical, dreamlike land.  

This is a great idea for a gift for a child's birthday or keepsake.  To make a booking contact Jenn on 0400 841627 and create a lasting memory for your child.

A Child's Tale!
Child walking through the bushes!
Little girl dreaming on tree!
Child and her little bird!
Children's Photography Bayside Melbourne
Childhood portraits 'A Child's Tale'
Child Photographer Bayside
Fly away little bird says little girl!
Little girl dreaming up on the tree!
Little girl running down the laneway!
The eyes to the soul!
These are what dreams are made of!
Sweet girl releasing a little bird!
Dancing girl in the shadows!
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Concept children's photography Bayside Melbourne
Little girl on the rocks!
Child in the reeds!
Little girl dancing in the puddle!
Childhood Photography Bayside Melbourne
Little girl down the beach!
Beautiful girl wearing vintage dress against the rocks!
Girls on the rocks looking at the sunset!
Wind blowing through little girl's hair!
Vintage beach photography of little girl!
Little girl hit by a wave!
Child's big brown eyes!