How to get Those Natural Smiles! | Children's Lifestyle Photography

You never know what to expect from kids on the day of your photo shoot.  At home they're adorable, laughing, beautiful natural smiles and then comes the day of the photo shoot, off goes the charm and they freeze in front of the camera!  Kids are unpredictable, we want to avoid the forced smiles so here's some things you can do:

Before I commence a photo shoot I try and get to know them, break the ice so to speak.  I'll ask them questions about their favourite movie, TV show, toy character, school, anything where they forget they’re in front of the camera.   I might even ask them to show me their room and what child doesn't love showing off their toys?  I then let them play....let them be themselves and not force them to smile or "Say Cheese" shots. 

I might ask them to tell me their favourite icecream flavour and suggest disgusting combinations like spaghetti sauce with chocolate sprinkles, you'd be amazed at flavour combinations kids can make up!  This always gets a natural laugh.  Try out a couple of jokes with them.  During the session, we can ask them to tell us a joke and this will typically loosen them up as they tell it to us.

If all else fails we might have to have the lollypops on standby!

Laughing child!
Beautiful child!
Natural child smile!