Using Props! | Children's Lifestyle Photographer Melbourne

Photographing 'Lifestyle' means real, natural, as the story unfolds in front of you.  Sometimes though, to help a child feel comfortable in front of the camera, I occasionally use minimal props to help them feel at ease.  Props can show a particular stage of your child's development and what child doesn't love to show off their toys.   Older children "Tweens" or Teenagers love to be able to express their own ideas on how they would like themselves to be portrayed.  It can help build their self confidence in front of the camera if they've been able to use a prop that they love.  For boys it could be their skateboard, bike, fishing rod, Lego, etc., for girls it could be their favourite dress, make-up, flowers or their own ideas.  This little girl wanted to show off her new vintage dresses and she was so thrilled with the outcome!

Vintage dress!
Little girl holding rose!
Girl holding flower!
Little girl on piano!
An Angel lost their wings!
Ethereal photo of little girl catching a feather!
Girl catching falling feather!
Little girl catches a fallen feather!
Family fine art photography
Little girl's favourite vintage dress!